Roborock S7+ Review: The Best Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock shook the robot vacuum cleaner market by releasing their first high-functioning robots at a relatively lower price point. After that, they are making ongoing progress to their lineup. The latest item we got from them is their highly popular Roborock S7+. We are going to do an in-depth review of this robot vacuum cleaner and will see if it’s worth your money or not? So, let’s get started. 

What’s in the Box? 

Inside the box, you will get the S7 Robot Vacuum, an Auto-Empty Dock, VibraRise Water Tank, Mop Cloth, and the Mop Mount. There’s also a Power Cable, two Dust Bags, one Screwdriver for the installation, and finally a User Manual to guide you through the process.


In terms of the design, it looks exactly like what you expect a vacuum robot cleaner to be. It’s round-shaped, 13.8 inches in width, and 3.8 inches tall. The model has two color variations – black and white, and both look amazing. The build quality is as solid as you’d expect from a high-end robot vacuum cleaner. At the top, it has a LIDAR scanner and in front of it, there are three buttons including a Dock, Power, and a Clean button. It’s pretty simple to use, however, you can control the device entirely from the app if you want.

Compared to their last model which is S6 MaxV, the S7+ looks almost identical except for the front camera. The front camera is missing here. Instead, it has standard infrared sensors. But to be honest, you won’t miss that feature as the S7+ offered excellent navigation throughout our extensive testing. 

Navigation & Features

Speaking of navigation, the S7+ utilizes multiple sensors at a time to track location and draw maps inside your house. The LIDAR sensor works extremely well to avoid obstacles during cleaning even in dark rooms. However, as there’s no camera in the front, sometimes it pushes things when there are too many objects on the floor. 

The app offers various settings and customization to fully control the robot. For example, you can set it to clean one room and exclude the other and it will successfully do that. It offers multi-level mapping where it can remember a total of four maps inside your house. You can even draw boundaries on the map to keep the robot from going places where you don’t want it to go. Overall, the navigation system and app features are robust and extremely useful. So, it won’t leave you any chance to complain.


it’s the best robot vacuum cleaner that Roborock has ever made! In terms of power, it has a suction power of 2500 pascals which is much higher than the older S5 and S6 models. Whether on carpets or hard floors, It can pick up dirt quite easily without leaving anything behind like pet hairs or large and small debris. 

The robot can perform very well in low power mode which will leave you surprised. The secret behind such power is their newly upgraded floating brush and brush housing system which allows for multiple levels of movement. Because of that, the brush and the housing create a better seal on the floor.

In terms of mopping, it can deliver effective mopping throughout the cleaning process with 600 pascals of consistent pressure. It can pick up strong stains like dried coffee and ketchup. Surely, it does a better job than the S6 MaxV, not by a huge margin, but definitely better! Moreover, the Roborock S7+ auto lifts up its mop to vacuum when it senses a carpet to avoid dampening the carpet.

Auto Empty Bin/Dock

Let’s admit that the worst part of using a robot vacuum cleaner is emptying the dock, but not anymore! The Roborock S7+ comes with an Auto Empty Dock feature which alone makes it the biggest reason to buy it. After finishing cleaning, it drives back to the charging dock and empties the dust bin into a separate debris bag that can store up to 8 weeks of dust. 

Besides, it has a few additional features like HEPA Air Filtration for capturing 99.99% of dust as small as 0.3 microns. Inside the app, you will find four types of auto Empty mode including Smart, Light, Balanced, and Max. You can leave it to Smart as it figures out the best empty mode on its own. And it will make your life a lot easier than usual.

Battery Life

As for the battery life, the Roborock S7 features a large 5200 milliampere-hour (5200 mAh) lithium-Ion battery with a runtime of 180 Minutes. If we compare it to the Roomba S9+ which is another high-end robot vacuum cleaner from iRobot, the battery life is marginally better. The Roomba S9+ has a 3300 milliampere-hour (3300 mAh) battery with a runtime of 75 Minutes. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that – both of them are smart robots, and they will return to their base to recharge if they run out of battery. That’s not all, after getting recharged, they will resume cleaning exactly where they left off! But it’s always nice to complete the cleaning in one run, which the Roborock S7+ is likely to do. 

Taking everything into consideration, it’s safe to say that the Roborock S7+ is an excellent upgrade over the previous S6 Ma.xV. The navigation, cleaning, mopping, auto emptying dock works exceptionally well in this device. Plus, if you look at the competition like the Roomba S9+ and Roborock S6 MaxV, it goes head to head with those ones, and in some cases offers much better results. 

However, you can say that the price of the S7+ is not cheap at all considering its previous models. In that case, going with the normal S7 offers much better value. Well, we also agree on that only if you don’t want the added convenience that comes with the Auto Empty dock. So, if you are on a budget going with the normal S7 seems like a good idea, but if you wanna make your life much simpler and easier spending 300 dollars ($300) more seems like a better deal to us.

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