Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra vs Samsung Jet Bot Ai Plus: Which One You Should Choose?

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra vs Roborock S7 Plus

Roborock MaxV Ultra and Samsung Jet Bot Ai Plus are among the most popular robot vacuums known for efficient cleaning performance, better navigation, object detection, and many more. But the decision becomes harder when you’re planning to spend more than a thousand dollars for a robot vac. So, to ease your job, we’re going to share a feature comparison of these two cleaning companions, and without any further ado, let’s dive into it!

Form Factor

Starting with the form factor, both of these robot vacuum cleaners look totally different. Where the Roborock comes in sleek, light design, the Samsung Jetboat looks like a feature-packed spaceship that comes from other planets. It is very tall compared to the Roborock, and this means that it is unable to get under a lot of furniture inside our houses that have less than four-point seven-five inch ground clearance (<4.75 Inch). This is kind of a big deal, since cleaning under furniture is one of the main reasons.

On the other hand, the roborock is three-point eight inches tall (3.8 inches High), which is still low enough to get under most furniture we have inside our house. Meaning, that your MaxV ultra will easily navigate around all various sized furniture with no issues. So, that was pretty much all about the form factor; now, let’s talk about the cleaning performance.

Cleaning Performance

When it’s all about cleaning, both of these cleaning companions have done a tremendous job. However, the MaxV Ultra can cover up to 300 square meters of the area on a single charge, whereas Samsung Jet Bot faces some difficulties in covering a large room straight. However, if you have many carpets on the floor, your MaxV Ultra can easily do the pile of dirt cleaning from the carpets since it has up to 5100 Pascal suction power. And with sonic technology, jobs become more manageable for it. Plus, it can also take care of your hardwood and tile floor with its auto mopping technology by whipping out all the stains.

Aside from that, the Jet bot Ai Plus is slightly falling behind, as its suction power is not as mighty as the Roborock. And, when it is all about deep cleaning, you may not be happy at all. Beyond that, the lack of a water tank, which is pretty standard nowadays on a robot vacuum, will also change your purchasing decision.

Dust Capacity

Coming to the dust capacity, the Samsung Jet Bot Ai Plus has a 200-milliliter dustbin inside the robot, and it’s two times smaller than Roborock MaxV Ultra. But the two-point five-liter dust bag in the docking station can hold the mess, weeks after weeks. And surprisingly, it can be used for up to 3 months. So, you can keep yourself away from frequent manual cleaning.


Focusing on navigation is one of the primary concerns of a robot vacuum cleaner. For better navigation and a complete road map, both of them use the same techniques, and a lidar sensor with front cameras allows them to do the job efficiently. However, to keep you assured, Roborock has much better navigation and object detection than Samsung. It’s true that Samsung’s Robot can also detect small objects like cables, socks, and shoes, but sometimes it pushes things ahead. And, if you have pets inside your house, which are not poop trained, then the jet bot Ai plus can make your floor messier. But with the Roborock MaxV Ultra, you can take a chill pill, and whenever any mess happens, just grab your smartphone.

In addition, both Roborock & Samsung robot vac has a camera built-in that makes the surveillance and traveling throughout your house pretty easier than a regular robot vacuum. But here, roborock’s additional RGB camera works impressively and makes the navigation way better than Samsung Jet Bot Ai Plus.

Smart Control

Here on the smart control feature, Samsung Jet Bot Ai is also far away from the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra. You can only control the Samsung Vac from the smartphone app, create schedules, and do other common stuff. And, when the heavy whirlwind hits your home, you can hit back with voice commands if you’re using the Roborock. Yes, this smart vacuum cleaner is compatible with voice commands as well as Apple HomeKit, to ensure a convenient automation experience.


If we talk about the runtime, the roborock s7 maxV ultra runs for 180 minutes straight, which is 2x the Samsung Jet Bot Ai Plus’s overall runtime. Beyond that, MaxV Ultra can cover an entire house without any technical hiccup on a single pass.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least, they are so damn different, so damn good at opposite things, but that never helps when trying to decide which is overall better. Since different people have different priorities and different pros & cons, that is extremely subjective. But we can say that if your living space doesn’t have pets and a lot of carpets, you can go for the Jet Bot Ai Plus, as it does a good job at cleaning. But, aside from that, if you totally want to forget about cleaning, there are no better options than the Roborock MaxV Ultra. Because this robot vacuum not only cleans your house, it also cleans its mop when it’s docking.

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