Roborock Q7 Max Plus vs Roborock Q5 Plus: Which Suits You Well?

Roborock Q7 Max Plus vs Roborock Q5 Plus

It’s pretty evident that Roborock is trying to dominate the mid-range market with the new lineup, Q-series. The roborock Q-series is a new lineup of budget-friendly robot vacuums. This year, the brand introduced three models, which are: Q5, Q7, and Q7 Max. There are slight differences between Roborock Q7 and Q7 Max. Which is not the main concern. The major fact is finding out the differentiation between Q5 and Q7 Max.

Roborock Q7 Max Plus vs Roborock Q5 Plus 

So, we come up with a comparison between Roborock Q7 Max Plus vs Roborock Q5 Plus to give you a clear view of which one suits you the best.


In terms of navigation, both of these siblings follow the same navigation technology to get a better idea of your interior. Such as high-precision maps, laser navigation, zone cleanup, and much more.

Cleaning Brush

After the navigation, let’s talk about the cleaning brush. These robot vacuums come with different types of rolling brushes for cleaning. Roborock Q5 Plus has a brush with a mix of rubber and bristle. On the other hand, the Q7 max Plus is equipped with an all-rubber brush. Apart from that, Q5 Plus is compatible with an all-rubber brush to make dust & debris cleaning more efficient.

Cleaning Performance

When it’s all about cleaning, the Roborock Q5 Plus performs better than its sibling. Because the brushroll on Q5 allows it to clean pet hairs on carpets far better than Q7 Max Plus. However, when it’s all about cleaning sand & debris on the hard floors, the all-rubber brush on the Q7 Max outshines Q5 cleaning efficiency.


One of the main differences between the Q5 Plus & Q7 Max Plus is the lack of mopping. Q5 is only designed for vacuuming, and that’s why the designer didn’t include the water tank and additional mop on this very affordable robotic cleaner. Aside from that, the Q7 Max Plus has a mop, but it doesn’t lift like the Roborock S7 Plus or Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra. So, you have to stay aware if your space is mixed with carpets.


The runtime of both roborock robot vacuums is the same, 5200-milliampere hour. And guess what, roborock claims that the runtime is also the same, which we think is kind of a boomer. Because the Q7 Max Plus has 4200 Pascal suction power, whereas the Q5 Plus has 2700 Pascal. So, it is easy to guess that Q7 Max consumes more power to do the cleaning.

Which is Suitable for You?

If you don’t plan to use the mopping function at all or if you have a lot of carpets that make the mopping function useless, we would recommend the Roborock Q5 Plus. As it has a significantly lower price tag and gets the job done. Plus, we also like that, it supports both types of the main brush. However, if you want to use the mopping functions regularly, then going for the Q7 Max Plus is a better option since it has a large water tank with an electric water pump. Not only that, Q7 max plus offers a lot compared to its price range, like max suction power, better cleaning, mopping, and a whole other features.

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