Nuarl N6 Pro 2 Review: Natural Sounding TWS Earbuds

Nuarl N6 Pro 2 Review: Natural Sounding TWS Earbuds

With great Mainstream brands comes a great price tag. Nuarl, while not being the cheapest, comes with a line of products that promises a natural sound profile that’ll blend in with your everyday life. “Harmoniously pleasing” is the term they use to describe their product. Today, we are going to find out the accuracy of that statement, as in our hands, we have the Nuarl N6 Pro 2, and today, we are about to give you an in-depth review on it, highlighting the pros, the cons, and if they are worth the price tag. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

After unboxing, there’s a hard paper box with a hinge on top to slide it open. After opening, you’ll see a white hard-paper sheet protecting the insides and moving that out of the way, there’s a user manual. Taking that out, we see the charging case and the earbuds sitting comfortably in a compartment. Right beneath that is another box holding the charging cable and the extra four pairs of earbuds surrounded by a foam layer.

Coming from a Japanese origin, the whole setup reflects their attention to detail. The case itself is built from a rubberized plastic material that’s very grippy and gives you a classy look. Unfortunately, it gets smudged easily, so it’s better to be careful when using the case with greased-up fingers. It comes in two colors, and we have the beautifully dark, wine-red Bordeaux version. Although the case is comparatively big and might feel weird inside your pocket, we have to give credit to the design team cause the overall aesthetic is top-notch. And the 3 LED indicators in the front show battery life, and a Type-C port in the back ensures fast charging. When we open the case, we can see a very thin foam layer on the top to protect the earbuds, which we think is a pretty nice touch and gives a premium feel.

Nuarl N6 Pro 2 Review: Natural Sounding TWS Earbuds

Now, the earbuds themselves are comparatively chunky and will protrude out of your head when you wear them, but according to Nuarl, they are built this way to balance sound performance and battery. What’s weird is, unlike the traditional earbuds, they don’t feature a touch sensor, and instead, they come with old-fashioned buttons, two to control the volume and one to pause or play the music. The earbuds have a rubberized finish with a Nuarl logo on top. The added wingtip helps to give the earbuds a comfortable yet secure fit.

In terms of battery life, it depends on the codec you’re using. It comes with the Qualcomm BT 5.2 Chipset with support for aptx adaptive, aptx, AAC, and SBC. When using the aptX codec, you’re going to get 8 hours runtime with an additional 24 hours with the case. On the other hand, when you’re using AAC and SBC, it’s going to last 10 hours with an additional 30 hours with the case, which we think is more than enough for average use. Thanks to the quick-charging feature, you’ll get around 2 hours with only 15 mins of charge, and it’ll take 1.5 hours to charge it from zero to a hundred.

Nuarl N6 Pro 2 Review: Natural Sounding TWS Earbuds

The earbuds are splash and sweat resistant and come with a rating of ipx4, pretty decent in terms of protection, and perfect for workouts or poolside parties, but we would advise against submersion. The earbuds also come with Qualcomm True Wireless Mirroring technology, ensuring the best seamless experience. Being HDSS certified, the earbuds can reproduce high-definition audio in a wide soundstage.

The hardware is one of its top-selling points, as the N6 Pro 2 uses a 6mm Single-walled Carbon Nano-tube composite diaphragm. The wires inside the earbuds are of the upper echelon, as they make use of the 7n 0cc high purity, single crystal, an oxygen-free copper wire that guarantees great sound. It has a very punchy audio signature that doesn’t produce a lot of basses but rather a clean and wide sound with a warm profile. We cranked it up at maximum volume, and the sound was clean with zero distortions. It’s an overall solid auditory experience with warm undertones that puts a lot of attention on small details. Equipped with a twin cVc microphone, the call quality is enhanced and perfect for remote meetings.

Nuarl N6 Pro 2 Review: Natural Sounding TWS Earbuds

A very unique feature Nuarl implemented on their earbuds is, they custom make individual apps for each of their earbuds. For example, the N6 Pro 2 has a different app than an NT01AX, and vice versa. In the N6 Connect, it shows the basic controls like the battery indicator, ambient sound mode, gaming mode, and other essential details and their controls. If you feel like you need to crank the volume up to enjoy the sharper details, you can boost up the volume setting. The buttons can be remapped according to your whims, giving it a healthy dose of customizability. Nuarl kept the interface really simple, yet effective. The Gaming Mode reduces the latency in order for you to enjoy games like Pubg with about what felt like 60-70ms.

Final Say

If you’re the kind of person who appreciates and longs for clean-cut and clear audio of high quality without paying the premium audiophile price, the Nuarl N6 Pro 2 can be a decent starting point. While not the loudest earbuds on the market, they look good, feel good, and most importantly, sound good for the price.

So, that was a dedicated hands-on review on the Nuarl N6 Pro 2. We can see a lot of reasons for an audiophile to want this particular pair of earbuds since it blends stunning Japanese visual and audio engineering in a neat and sleek-looking package. So, what are your thoughts on this pair of earbuds?

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