MiLi Mag-SoundMate Review: World’s First Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker

MiLi Mag-SoundMate Review

Most smartphone speakers do not offer adequate sound quality for the thrills you expect while listening to music. A very few flagship smartphones are concerned about providing decent audio. So if you do not own a flagship, certainly you will find yourself in need of a speaker for daily usage as you can’t replace your smartphone’s existing speaker. To help you out, Mili has brought the world’s first magnetic Bluetooth speaker to enhance your listening experience yet at a much reasonable price.

Starting with the unboxing, you will find a user manual, a quality assurance card, two solid metal rings that will let you stick the speaker anywhere, a Type-C charging cable, and the Mili Mag-Soundmate itself. The speaker comes in a very compact size and you can easily stash it into your bag or pocket as it weighs only 80gm. The body of the speaker feels very premium and the top is covered with grippy fabric that gives a more vibrant look. On the front of the speaker, you will find a button that blinks when pressed and can assist you with multiple functionalities.


Once paired with your smartphone, you can attach it to any metallic object as its powerful magnet firmly holds on to one place. Even if you do not find any metallic objects, you can stick in anywhere with the sticky rings that come with the speaker. For instance, you can attach it to your table, refrigerators, or any other suitable places that you visit too often. So no matter where you go, the Mili Mag-Soundmate can boost up your audio experience.

This mini device not only attaches to your iPhone 12 but is also compatible with its MagSafe function which means you will be able to charge your speaker wirelessly. It can also hold your smartphone while you watch movies, play games, or listen to tracks. Now let’s jump into the main concern, the audio quality. Listening on a smartphone lacks enough bass and sometimes you can’t even hear properly. Whereas, this loudspeaker can amplify the audio to quite an extent and add extra bass to your phone. It produces enough sound to listen to while being in a group or crowded place. Though it’s not the kind of speaker to be played outside, you can have enriched audio quality indoors and enjoy movies and other content with more punchy bass and trebles.

Equipped with BlueTooth 5.0, the speaker gives a strong and stable connection with your devices. Another feature that makes it stand out is its wireless stereo features. With this mode, you can pair two or more speakers to play at the same time from different corners. Pairing is also very simple. You have to press both the speaker’s buttons till the light starts blinking and enters pairing mode. Then by pressing two times on any of the speaker’s buttons you will be able to connect them. With this wireless stereo connection, you can be at different corners of the house and still be able to listen to music as it can cover up to 10 meters.

The Mili mag soundmate offers excellent battery life at this size. Getting such a battery life from this speaker is quite amazing. Once you fully charge the speaker, you can get up to 8 hours of playtime. And the USB-C ensures fast charging and you can fully fuel up the speaker within 1.5 hours.


Though smartphone companies are developing more powerful audio speakers for their phones yet a dedicated speaker packs a lot more features to boost up your regular listening experience. And this mini speaker from Mili undoubtedly provides greater audio quality adding more thumps and rumbles. Nevertheless, it does not offer the same as other compact Bluetooth speakers available in the market, considering the price range the performance it provides is truly amazing. From personal experience, we recommend the MiLi Mag Soundmate, especially if you are not planning to break the bank, but looking to enhance your smartphone’s audio quality. Grab and attach them anywhere to immerse yourself in a world of music.

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