Lumen Metabolism Tracker Review: Hand Held Device to Measure Your Metabolism

Lumen Metabolism Tracker Review

Planning a metabolism compatible well-balanced diet plan or creating a perfect workout routine – both act as keystones to being healthy in life. Yes, these things are not new to any of us. But how to maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle is a daily-time burning question in all of our minds. Though already there are numerous health guides, unfortunately, very few of them actually work. However, you can take a deep breath because the Lumen Metabolism Tracker is here to save you, which will help you to monitor your own metabolism. But how does this device do this tremendous job in real-time? Is this scientifically proven? And apart from monitoring metabolism, is this device able to offer other functions too? Today we will cover all these questions by reviewing this Lumen portable biotechnology device. So, without further delay, let’s have a look!

Overview of Lumen

Objectives like balancing weight or boosting energy are not new concepts to any of us. In fact, there are already numerous fitness trackers you might have seen in the market which can track your daily activities. But in this case, Lumen adds some bonus points because it is the world’s first hand-held device that tracks daily activities like your sleep, fitness data, fats, or carbs on a scale of 1 to 5 and tells you how much energy, carbs, or body fat you are burning right now.

Lumen Metabolism Tracker Review

On the basis of ranking, it gives you a flex score, which determines how flexible your metabolism is. And can you guess how all these jobs are done by this simple device all alone? Surprisingly, the groundbreaking part is that lumen measures all this stuff just by using a CO2 sensor and flow-meter, which determine the CO2 concentration in your breath. 

In addition, remember earlier we have mentioned a flex score that this lumen gives to you? Based on your flex score, lumen also offers daily personalized meal plans with proper eating suggestions. That means by using this now; you can maintain your blood glucose level too!

Moreover, you can get all this extraordinary experience by just synchronizing it with an app for smartphones or Apple Watch. Which eventually gives you the instructions to inhale, where you just need to hold your breath for 10 seconds, then exhale. And a few seconds later, it will tell you exactly what your current metabolic condition is!!

Besides that, while buying this vape pen-shaped health gadget, along with a charging dock and USB-C cable, you will find a small travel case too. That means if you are on holiday, there is nothing to worry about carrying this pocket-sized device.

After hearing, we are pretty much sure that many of you may have thought about the reliability of this device. Apart from getting a green signal from proficient Doctors, Athletes & Fitness Pros, lumen shows higher efficiency and achieves the gold standard of metabolism measurement in multiple validation studies. That means there is nothing much to worry about at all. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, after reviewing this incredible device, we can just say that if you want to maintain a heart-healthy life on a daily basis, then this health gadget is a lifesaving invention, especially in the digital therapeutics industry. So without further delay, hack your metabolism with Lumen!

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