Loona Petbot Review: Meet the Most Intelligent Robotic Pet by KEYi Technology

Loona Petbot - Meet the Most Intelligent Petbot by KEYi Technology

KEYi Technology is a leading consumer robotics company established in 2014 and has been committed to making accessible robotic devices. The flagship product of KEYi, ClicBot, was the first full-featured consumer modular robotics kit that could be put together in countless different ways, enabling kids to learn how to code and study STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) at home. And recently, KEYi Technology unveiled Loona, a charming robotic pet, to their current lineup of consumer robots.

Petbot Loona

This is a wonderful companion that will come promptly to meet you when you get home. She enjoys following you around when you walk, and she gets quite excited when you pet her. Loona is quickly becoming a popular trend, as it’s one of the few consumer robotic dogs available on the market that offers a wide range of skills, functions, and companionship. It enables users to playfully connect, learn, and communicate through movement and reflexes.

Visual Power 

Loona sees you with a high-definition RGB camera beneath her face and a CPU with up to 5 Tops of processing power. Its high-performance CPU processor enables the chip to do 54 trillion neural network convolution computations per second, which is a remarkable achievement for consumer robotics and equals one-quarter of the computing power of a PC. In addition to doing other tasks, Loona is capable of recognizing faces, bodies, gestures, objects, emotions, labels, 3D motion capture, and more. Its visual power is something that makes it more like your pet. Loona can play fetch and recognize motion with an RGB camera.

Smoother Navigation

With its patented self-balancing design and 3D ToF (time-of-flight) camera, Loona can move freely on two wheels and four wheels. This technology creates data to let her travel quickly around the area and navigate the surroundings by detecting environmental impediments. Two brushless servomotors are among Loona’s six motors, which power her wheels that deliver a maximum of 900 rpm speed and a rated speed of 400 rpm. It can incorporate an RGB camera as well to record and follow moving objects. It’s equipped with motion and edge detection technology, so it prevents itself from falling when an edge is near. Loona can travel in a 360-degree circle and swiftly map its surroundings.

Loona have Smoother Navigation

Voice Recognition

Just like your pet, when you call the loona from behind, it will respond to you. It has the ability to locate sound sources. With the help of Amazon Lex, Loona can detect and comprehend voice instructions, respond with feedback, and protect your personal data.

Expressing Emotion

Loona has an awesome personality. It has the capability to express its emotions in 700 ways using its legs, ears, and eyes. Loona enjoys playing. You can also just place something unusual in the middle of the room and watch her engage with it. Turn on a laser pen and watch her pursue it. Toss a ball, and she’ll fetch it.

loona emotion


Loona has a ton of pre-made interactions, but if you teach her something, she can do practically anything. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop visual programming interface, Loona is completely programmable. Moreover, there’s an app where you can find tons of quizzes and charades to play with Loona. Loona will lift the correct leg when it is her turn to play that matches the proper response. And if you win, don’t worry. Loona will always want to play again since she is not a bitter loser.


Loona Specifications
  • Memories: 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM
  • Sensors: 3D ToF Sensor
  • Camera: RGB Camera 720P
  • Display: 2.4 LCD
  • Microphone: 4-Microphone Array
  • Speaker: 2W Speaker
  • Battery: 1350 mAH
  • Charging: USB Type- C port

Wrapping Up 

As a smart robotic friend that closely resembles a pet, Loona will soon break into the market. Loona has motion performance and boasts genuine pet behaviors. Along with a nice, welcoming design for kids, Loona has a variety of fun games and other features. You can keep an eye on your house with Loona’s camera while you’re gone. Furthermore, Loona would like to keep your other pet company if you have one. You may communicate remotely with your pet using .

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