Lenovo XT91 Review: Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

Lenovo XT91 Hand On Review

Technology is a concept that’s all too familiar with Lenovo, making them one of the most popular tech brands on the market. Considering how TWS earbuds are one of the go-to items to everyone right now, Lenovo introduced the XT91 intended for people who are looking to dive deep into the world of TWS earbuds but don’t want to spend a lot doing so. In this article, we’ll give you a hands-on, in-depth review of the Lenovo XT91 earbuds. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Music is a concept that everyone on the planet enjoys. Considering that, we’re always on the lookout for good-quality earbuds that fall under our budget. With that being said, allow us to introduce the Lenovo XT91, which doesn’t cost a lot but will provide an overall good listening experience. 

The box itself is very simply made. Slide the inner box out, and you will see a charging case containing the headphones that are stationed inside comfortably, with a separate paper box right under it containing the charging cable and two pairs of extra ear-tips. The user manual also get you going easily by containing written information about the product and how to operate it.

Now, the charging case itself is oval in shape and made out of hard plastic, which makes it very easy to carry around, though it might feel too lightweight and give you an impression of this being made out of cheap materials. The case sadly didn’t have that satisfactory closing snap that we have come to love from a usual earbuds case. However, the case and the buds are also water and sweat-resistant, which makes it perfect for working out.

Lenovo really went out of their way to make their pair of earbuds as light as possible, and we can see that in the build quality and design of the earbuds, which weigh around only 3.8 grams each. However, as they are so small, it’s hard to get a good grip out of them, both in the ear and on hand. The ear grip, however, can be adjusted by finding out the right ear-tips. Being small also interferes with the touch controls, as the compact size makes it very easy to accidentally use the touchpad on both earbuds, resulting in unwanted and awkward pauses during your music session. The built-in microphone has an intelligent noise-reduction function that allegedly helps to provide a clearer speech in stereo mode. The binaural design of these gives you the option to choose between using only one earbud or both at the same time. In terms of accessibility, you can play, pause, skip track and connect to the voice assistant all from the earbuds, giving you a truly hands-free experience. Compared to other earbuds on the market, which make you feel like something is protruding out of your ears, these earbuds are comfortable and don’t stick out, which looks good, feels good, and most importantly, sounds good.

Considering the budget, we weren’t expecting incredible audio quality, but Lenovo surprised us with pretty decent-sounding earbuds that have a high emphasis on low, rumbling bass. The highs, mids, and treble are okay, but the bass is where it shines, and you can enjoy the sound without audio distortions even when you crank the volume to maximum, which makes listening to bass-heavy tunes that make your heart go faster an incredible experience, considering they are being produced by 8mm drivers. 

In terms of battery life, powered by the lesser energy consumption that comes from implementing Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the XT91 earbuds contain 40mAh batteries, providing up to 3 hours of musical bliss on a single charge, whereas the 300mAh case can provide a full charge for up to three and a half times, giving you around 12 hours of overall battery life from one charge. It’s also relatively easy to know exactly how much juice you have left in your case thanks to the LCD screen that displays your remaining battery life. Pretty neat for a budget headphone, if you ask us.

But, all that being said, the call quality is where things get a bit darker. We experienced a lot of hissing, echoing, and overlapping noises when we were trying to have a conversation using this, which really takes your mind off the call. If you’re in the market looking for a pair of budget earbuds for listening to music and music only, you’re in the right place, as you’re not gonna have a good time trying to make a call with these earbuds. Other than that, the Lenovo XT91 is a really impressive pair of budget headphones, which any bass lover would love to have.

So, that was our in-depth, hands-on review of the Lenovo XT91. If you want to buy good-quality earbuds without breaking the bank, this Lenovo XT91 would be the perfect choice to go for. It’s a solid investment since it has a terrific blend of high sound quality for dynamic drivers and an appealing appearance to please you. They’re inexpensive earbuds, yet they include everything you could want in a pair of wireless headphones.

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