Kinstone 103SD-L Andriod 11 Gaming Tablet Review

Kinstone 103SD-L Andriod 11 Tablet 

Most people think of an iPad when purchasing a new tablet, but there are several reasons why an Android-based tablet would be a better choice. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to android tablets. The best Android tablets typically combine all the essentials like affordability, features, design, and performance. Moreover, some can even meet any casual or professional need, whether you’re interested in gaming, drawing, or word processing. Your preferences will determine which Android tablet is ideal for you. Whether you want one for serious productivity or for casual streaming, taking notes, and sketching.

Today we introduce you to the Kinstone 103SD-L Andriod 11 Tablet might be everything you’re looking for in your tablet, and that too in an affordable price range. 

Kinstone 103SD-L Tablet Review

Make the Kinstone 103SD-L your go-to tablet for long-distance commutes and keep yourself entertained with its high-resolution display and great specs.


  • Operating System: Android 11
  • Camera: Front 5MP/Rear 13 MP
  • Display: 10.3-inch FHD display
  • CPU: Octa-core (1.8GHz)
  • RAM+ROM: 6GB RAM +128GB ROM (expandable up to 512GB)
  • Resolution: 1920X1200 FHD IPS
  • Connectivity: 2.4GHz+5GHz dual WIFI Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery: 7500MAh

Display and Performance

Kinstone 103SD-L Andriod 11 Tablet has a pretty ultra-slim metal body that makes them lightweight and portable. In addition, this tablet comes with an amazing 10.3-inch 1920 by 1200 IPS display. Thanks to its 16:9 aspect ratio with ultra-narrow bezel display design, it delivers vivid colors and a brilliant display. It also offers a 178-degree viewing angle, so you can enjoy the widescreen movies and 4K live streaming to the fullest.

Furthermore, the screen is designed with anti-blue light technology, which reduces the blue light band. Therefore, looking at the display won’t irritate your eyes or cause any eye fatigue and will allow you to enjoy longer with more comfort. 

It runs on Android 11 and is equipped with a high-performance Octa-Core processor, 6 gigs of RAM, and 128 gigs of internal storage, ensuring a relatively smooth, lag-free gaming and multimedia experience.

Display and Performance


Aside from that, the tablet has a 5-megapixel front camera for selfies and a 13-megapixel rear camera for capturing beautiful moments.

It comes with a dual-speaker setup, which produces natural, robust, and spacious sound that doesn’t distort even when turned all the way up.

It also features Bluetooth 5.0, which offers a stable connection without any delays. And it boasts dual WiFi, including 2.4G and 5G, to deliver a faster, safer way to connect to the internet.

Moreover, Even if you are unable to access the Internet, the built-in GPS can still offer you precise navigation when used in conjunction with the offline map that was downloaded from the Google Maps program.


Storage and Battery

This tablet has 6GB RAM and 128G ROM along with a micro SD card slot that can accept memory cards up to 512 GB capacity to expand storage space. It also features a Dual 4G LTE sim card slot will give you the advantage of carrying two cellular devices. You can install one or two SIM cards to make and receive calls. Even if there is no WIFI, you can still use the SIM card to achieve video calls, video conferences, etc.

Most tabs in the market don’t come with a good battery lifeThe huge 7500-milliamp-hour battery will allow you to use it for a longer time, providing you with hours of entertainment.

Storage and Battery

Wrapping Up

All in all, the Kinstone 103SD-L Tablet has a premium metallic finish, lightweight design, and reliable performance that is perfect for keeping you entertained at all times. Just because this tab is more on the affordable side doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of quality in this tab. You will be surprised at this tablet’s quality, speed, and functionality.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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