Intel’s Upcoming Xe-HPG DG2 Gaming GPU: A New Challenger?

Intel Xe-HPG DG2

AMD vs Nvidia has been a hot and raging topic for quite a while now and things are getting intense with every new GPU release from both sides. While both the Green and Red teams are battling for the title of the Best Graphics Card, gamers are in a win-win situation here. Besides, the more intense the rivalry, the better graphics card gamers get to enjoy. And for staying one step ahead in the competition, these powerful cards are getting reasonably priced too. In the middle of this AMD vs. Nvidia GPU rivalry, rumor has it! Intel might have something cooking for the graphics chip market. Following the rumor, we introduce the Intel DG2, the DG1 graphic successor with strikingly more firepower that rigorously competes head-to-head with the RTX 3070.

Intel DG2 Architecture

Intel has made its mark as a chipmaking goliath on the PC components market and the word on the street is DG2 will be based on their latest Xe-HPG architecture. Simply put, Xe-HPG is promised to be the basis of plenty of competitive GPUs that is expected to arrive from Intel in the near future.

If this turns out to be true, the key battle of Nvidia vs AMD, which has been going around for quite a while will now have a new challenger on the game. And thus changing the flow of competition as well. What’s more, Intel is adopting a unique GPU Architecture Strategy where One Architecture will have a total of 4 Microarchitectures for different usage purposes.


DG2 is not just a single graphics card as it is an entire series of it. According to leaker Komachi_Ensaka’s tweet, which is now nonexistent, and Deleted entries of the Intel Website, DG2 will bring along a total of five possible cards on its loadout.

Now, from here, some of them will be kept for mobile and the notebook segment, while others will be discrete for gaming. There is a possibility that the discrete cards will come in 512EU and 384 EU configuration.


And if that turns out to be true, we are looking at 4096 FP32 cores, 256-bit interface, and 16GB of GDDR6 graphics memory at a maximum. This is a big step up from our Blue friend here as their GPU power will be more powerful than ever before. Although, the design is not just for gaming. The new architecture of combining the 42 Teraflops with FP32 performance on a single GPU shows promising potential for data center usability.

Now this further sterns plenty of software-based gaming-oriented features such as Adaptive-Sync and Integer Scaling that we get to see on the latest GPUs from AMD and Nvidia. On top of that, Intel themselves has announced that the Xe microarchitecture will support hardware-accelerated ray tracing for that glorifying real-time in-game details.

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The card hasn’t arrived yet, and it is hard to jump to any conclusion without proper testing and benchmarking. Still, we can make speculation based on the assumption that DG2 is on the target to be a worthy competitor of the RTX 3070. How is that, you might ask? Well, 512 EU silicon points all the fingers in that direction.

Now 3070 is a tough card to beat as per its price to performance ratio and these benchmarks from PC Gamer will give you an idea about what we are talking about.


Now that we have ranted and speculated enough about the performance and gaming possibilities, it all comes down to the pricing of the GPU. Intel needs to play it smart and adopt competitive pricing to compete for head to head with the current industry top dogs.

And if we want to make a rough assumption based on the performance of DG2 compared to the current cards on the market, we can expect a price ranging somewhere between 399 dollars to 579 dollars.


Raja Koduri is on the lead and behind most of the operation of the Intel DG2. And according to him, the high-performance GPU lineups are getting prepared within this year. It is merely just a rough assumption based on the Twitter post on Intel’s Xe microarchitecture.

Final Thoughts

Sooner or later, the new intel card will be here. And we anticipate seeing how the trend and direction of the GPU market will shift from the rivalry of AMD vs. Nvidia to a three-way battle. If Intel plays their cards right, adopts a good pricing strategy, and most importantly, maintains a decent GPU stock and delivery, they might just get a head start on the competition.

Lastly, as gaming industries are currently booming with innovations and powerful techs, the future ahead of us gamers sure do look mesmerizing. And that’s pretty much it for our review of the upcoming DG2 Intel Graphics. Let us know what you think about the evolution of Intel DG2 in the market industry in the comment section below.

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