How to Overcome GoPro SD Card Errors and Recover Deleted Videos and Photos

How to Overcome GoPro SD Card Errors and Recover Deleted Videos and Photos

Having a special camera for capturing special moments is one of the best experiences everybody wishes for. However, having to deal with certain camera errors can be so devastating as these errors will clearly robe you of some of the best opportunities to capture your images. GoPro cameras are not left out when it comes to some of the good and bad experiences. 

If you are reading this guide today, then there are high chances you already use a GoPro SD card and may be going through some of the common errors. 

The good news is that it is easy to overcome some of these GoPro SD card errors. Besides, if you are losing photos and video as a result of these SD card errors, you will be able to recover them. Before fixing common GoPro SD card issues, we will begin by looking at some of the common errors. We will then show you some common causes of error and common ways to recover GoPro video and photos.

Common GoPro SD Card Errors

  1. SD card is not recognized

This is when your camera says the SD card is not recognized or fails to recognize the card. It may be as a result of damaged SD card or when the card you are using is incompatible with the camera.

  1. SD Card Full

Well, this common error is a clear indication that the card you are trying to use is already full and has no space for additional storage. You will not be able to write more data into it and it may end up slowing down your GoPro camera. 

  1. SD Card Write Error

When your GoPro camera is not in a position to write new data to the SD card, it will keep showing SD card write error. This may occur even when you still have adequate space on your SD card.  

  1. SD Card Unreadable

When your GoPro camera cannot read the SD card you have inserted, it shows this error. It may mean that the card is recognized but unreadable or the files contained in the card are highly fragmented. This will ultimately slow down your camera reading process.

Other common errors include:

  • Black screen with “SD card not accessible” message 
  • Photos missing from the card unexpectedly 
  • SD card failing to read on PC
  • Memory card error or corrupt memory card error messages when you try to access your photos or videos
  • Card asks you to format while on PC or is recognized but shows empty
  • Write protected messages that do not allow you to copy or transfer photos or videos

Causes of GoPro SD Card Errors

The errors we have mentioned and many others are caused by some common issues we have discussed below. 

  • Improper formatting: This is a common culprit in SD cards that have not been formatted properly or those with unrecognized file systems.
  • Incompatible or damaged SD cards: You will see SD card errors when the card is incompatible with your GoPro camera or when the card you are using got some form of damage.
  • File write system error: This can be a result of corrupted or damaged file systems.
  • Write protection is enabled: You may have enabled write protection on your GoPro camera settings. This will prevent any form of data from being modified on the card. 
  • Improper removal of card: For instance, if you remove the card from the camera while it is in the process of writing data, it will show read errors.
  • Dirty card slot or damaged slot: This can be a likely cause of SD card errors. When the port is damaged or dirty, the card will not be able to establish a good connection with your camera and this will not permit any reading or writing.

If you have encountered some of these errors, you should not be worried so much about your card or camera. This is because these errors can be fixed, which is what we are showing you next.

General Fixes on GoPro SD card Errors

  1. Connect SD Card to Another Camera

You may not know when your camera is the culprit. Begin by trying to connect the SD card to a different camera and checking whether the errors repeat. This can help you identify and fix incompatibility issues, driver issues, or even damaged slot issues. If the card has issues, you will be able to follow this guide to retrieving deleted GoPro content. That is why it is crucial to be very certain that it is the card and not the camera that has issues. 

  1. Remove Write protection from GoPro SD card

Nearly all SD cards come with a lock switch. Using this switch as a locking device will automatically remove all the write protection from the card. Position the switch to the bottom by checking your card. 

You will be able to do this by removing the card from the camera and locating the tiny switch on its left side. Check if it is near the “LOCK” word and turn it to the reverse side to unlock the card. 

  1. Update the Firmware of the GoPro SD Card

Using the latest software gives you the best experience with your GoPro SD card. Update the firmware of your camera by connecting to the computer, downloading and installing the latest firmware version from the web.

Did You Lose Photos or Videos in the Process? 

Well, some people complain of losing data from GoPro SD cards when they experience similar errors. This may be caused by the way your card is handled in an attempt to fix the errors. If your data is lost, then you will be able to recover them really fast. You must act swiftly and we recommend using a photo recovery software, Disk Drill by CleverFiles in particular.

How to Recover Deleted Videos and Photos with Disk Drill

Begin by downloading and installing the photo recovery software on PC before connecting your GoPro SD card to the computer. Launch the software and choose your SD card then tap the search button to initiate scanning.

The software should be able to locate your data really quickly. Disk Drill comes with more robust scan features compared to other photo recovery apps. Once the scanning ends, choose the photos or videos to recover then choose a new location to restore them on PC.

How to Overcome SD Card Errors

With a clean SD card, you can overcome any possible errors by following the following guidelines. 

  • Always format a new card or when using a card for the first time
  • Us small storage space cards instead of large ones
  • Always keep some extra space in your card
  • When ejecting cards from GoPro camera, do it safely
  • Keep cards safe from bad weather or physical damage 
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