How to Build a Smart Home Theater: Everything You Need to Know

How to Build Out a Smart Home Theater

When you plan to build out your smart home, don’t overlook the smart home theater. Everyone has completely different needs in such cases. Whether you want to upgrade the entertainment in your living room or you have a dedicated room crying out for the latest tech, we have something for everyone here. Rather than attempting to outline a single solution, we’ve touched upon the core basics of how to build out a smart home theater. You can mix and match them depending on your requirements and budget.

Smart TV / Projector

Your first thought for a smart home theater system might be to invest in a large-screen television. More specifically, you require a smart TV that would be fine for smaller rooms or apartments to provide an elegant home theater experience.

In modern days smart TVs are coming with a dynamic display, stereotype speakers, smart features, and more to provide you the basic home theater experience. On the other hand, if you live in a small room or run out of space and want to keep things simple, you can definitely go for a smart projector as it requires minimum space to install while projecting almost vivid sharp detail like a tv.

The market is loaded with tons of smart TVs and smart projectors within a budget price range so that you can grab any one of these according to your needs. But there is a thing you need to stay aware of and that if you use a projector, you may face a problem, and you will get to know the reason in the latter part of this article.

Soundbar & Speakers

After a TV or a Projector, now you need a soundbar and speakers because a phenomenal picture deserves equal sound, and few sound systems can make it even better. So if you head to the market, you’ll find different types of soundbars with various channel frequencies, including 5.1, 7.1.2 & 9.1.

A good quality soundbar and speakers can envelop you with their surrounding sound so that you’ll feel like you’re inside that content in real life. Besides, a set of speakers is a must-have if you’re using a projector, since the built-in sound system is not so good, and no one would want to ruin their mood for poor sound quality.


Want to relax with some of your favorite music or want to enjoy a movie without disturbing others? In such a scenario, what could be better than a good pair of headphones? Headphones are an amazing personal listening system that allows you to dive into your content as it’s meant to be. Though there are two types of headphones available, such as wired and wireless, you can choose any one of them according to your preferences.

Lighting System

After that, you need lighting systems. While you’re watching a bright screen in a dark room, it can keep you immersed in the action and can also lead to headaches and eyestrain. To get rid of these problems, you can install lighting systems in your tv room. Some top-notch lighting can sync colors to those on-screen and bring the entire room into the ultimate experience. Not only does this help ease the strain on your eyes, but it creates an effect that offers you a mesmerizing moment.

Voice Assistants

While most smart speakers disappoint enormously on the audio, voice assistants kick like a mule. By using a voice assistant, you can control your smart home devices and appliances from your comfort zone. Plus, voice assistants can do your jobs once you set a schedule or a reminder, so when you’re not at home or forget to do that specific job, your assistant has got you covered.


Finally, to make it more alluring, you can set up some loveseats or comfy sofas. In brief, theater-style seating can truly elevate the experience of a home theater. But to be more specific, make sure to purchase the best devices that will be suitable for your room’s space. And, by now you know how to build out a smart home theater. So take steps accordingly.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque has always been fascinated by sci-fi movies, but more specifically by the hi-tech gadgets and devices that people use in those movies. And as smart home devices became more and more popular, Samiul Haque decided to become a dedicated content creator who uses and reviews everything from smart speakers, smart home appliances to the latest smartphones, smartwatches, etc.