Google Pixel Watch Rumors, Leaks and Release Date

Google Pixel Watch

Since the launch of Google’s latest wearable operating system, the wear OS 3, rumors about the company’s very own smartwatch started to appear. Based on the leaks, this is expected to be Google’s next foray into smartwatches. Many tipsters have already shared information about the design and possible launching dates. Besides, we have also seen some watch faces being published that might come up with the pixel watch. Want to find out what’s coming more with this upcoming smartwatch? Then, scroll till the end, we will discuss the upcoming features and also the release date of Google’s Pixel smartwatch. 

Google Pixel Watch Features and Design

Recently, 9to5Google found out some interesting watch faces that are claimed to be appearing on the pixel smartwatch. Two of them were previously seen on front page tech’s leaked renders from the leaked watch faces. The first four watch faces from the leaked renders show simple digital dials with a mix of simple and large options to choose from. There were also watch faces that showed the time on top with a relaxing, colorful beach vibe.

However, the most interesting facet of the watch faces is, one of them prominently shows the Fitbit logo as a complication below the time. Meaning, we might see Fitbit’s integration into the Wear OS platform sooner or later. Currently, only Samsung is using the wear OS 3 in their galaxy watch 4 with their oneUI software overlay. And, from the watch 4, it’s pretty hard to differentiate between the elements of Samsung’s and Google’s stock Wear OS 3. However, if Google brings out the Pixel watch, it’s certainly going to have a more seamless connection with most android devices and pixel phones.

As for the design, previously, popular leaker John Prosser shared some leaked designs on YouTube. And, it shows a minimal watch screen with a round-shaped bezel-less design. The watch is also likely to have slim housing, making it look more premium. Moreover, the leaked renders also show a single crown on the side of the watch for convenient control. Hence, this will certainly be a favorite to those who love a minimalistic design packed with essential features.

Release Date and Price

John Prosser also shared a tweet regarding the launch date of Pixel Watch, and based on his information, it is likely to get launched in the first quarter of 2022. Besides, as there are already leaked renders of the watch, we might get to see it being unveiled very soon.

So, how much will the Google Pixel Watch is going to cost? Well, we can only speculate. There aren’t many leaks regarding its price, but it’s most likely to fall in the mid-priced category. However, surely Google Pixel Watch won’t be the cheapest option in the store.

Overall, wear OS has been the most popular and convenient wearable operating system so far. And after merging the smartwatch OS with Tizen earlier this year, wear OS is currently being developed, partnering with Samsung. So, we are hoping to see the Pixel watch having the most convenient and customizable user interface. Besides, all the tech giants such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei have built up their wearables to match their smartphones. And, obviously, Google wouldn’t want to fall behind its competitors and had to create a smartwatch combining the best hardware and software.

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