Stop Editing Videos! FocuSee Auto-Edits Your Screen Recordings

Stop Editing Videos! FocuSee Auto-Edits Your Screen Recordings

Do you wish you could make cool-looking screen recording videos to share online, but don’t know where to start? Making videos seems so hard and complicated, right? 

Well, it doesn’t have to be. There’s an easy new tool called FocuSee that lets anyone make great videos quickly. In this post, we’ll explain what FocuSee is, who can use it, and why it’s so great for video beginners.

What Does FocuSee Do?

FocuSee is a software application that records your computer screen and webcam and automatically edits the video for you.

Here’s how it works in simple steps:

  1. You record your screen, your face from the webcam, and your voiceover.
  2. FocuSee then takes that raw footage and adds effects like:
    • Automatic zooming in and out at important parts
    • Stylish backgrounds and colors
    • Spotlights
  3. In just minutes, you get a great-looking edited video without doing any complex editing yourself!

FocuSee does all the hard work of editing for you with its smart features. This makes it super easy for anyone to make professional videos.

What Can You Do With FocuSee Videos?

There’s so much you can do with easy videos made by FocuSee:

  • Tutorials and “How To” videos to teach something
  • Product reviews and unboxing videos
  • Promotional and marketing videos for businesses
  • Explainer and demo videos to showcase apps/software
  • Recipes and cooking videos
  • Gaming playthroughs and commentaries
  • Vlogs and personal update videos
  • Educational videos for school and college projects
  • Online courses and lesson videos
  • Business presentation videos
  • Video resumes and portfolios
  • Screencast recordings of processes
  • Live event recordings
  • Video announcements and updates
  • Training and onboarding videos for work
  • Workshop and webinar recordings to share
  • Conference and meeting recordings

The possibilities are endless! Anything you want to showcase through video can be done with FocuSee.

Who Is FocuSee For?

The best part about FocuSee is that anyone can use it. You don’t need any prior video editing experience.

Here are some of the people who can benefit from using FocuSee:

  • Students – Can make project videos, record lectures, create study guides, etc. without learning a complex video editor.
  • Teachers & Trainers – Can quickly record lessons and demos for online classes and corporate training.
  • Vloggers – No more struggles editing for daily vlogs! Make your vlogs in minutes with FocuSee.
  • Gamers – Record your playthroughs and gaming commentary videos without hassle.
  • Freelancers – Create tutorials and promotional videos for clients without investing time in editing.
  • Businesses – Use for marketing videos, new product demos, internal training videos, and more.
  • Sales & Marketing – Create great demos and promotional videos to engage customers.
  • Support Teams – Quickly produce how-to videos and guides for helping customers.
  • SaaS Companies – Showcase your software easily through recorded demo videos.
  • Really, anyone! – If you have something cool to share through video, FocuSee is for you.

No matter what your age or technical skill level, you can make awesome videos using FocuSee.

Why Is FocuSee So Useful? Main Features Explained

Now let’s look at some of the great features FocuSee offers that make video creation super easy:

Automatic Zooming & Panning

This is a killer feature in FocuSee. It automatically detects what’s important on your screen and dynamically zooms in and pans to those portions.

For example, when you move your mouse and click on something relevant like a menu item, FocuSee will smoothly zoom into that area. This adds emphasis and improves the video quality.

Normally you’d have to manually add zooms and pans in complex video editors like Premiere Pro. But FocuSee gives you that polished look without any work!

Click Effects & Cursor Customization

FocuSee gives you options to change:

  • Mouse cursor – pick from 8 cursor styles
  • Click animations – 3 click effect types

This lets you customize the “feel” of your videos easily. For example, change to a fun cursor and animated clicks for light-hearted videos.

Built-in Editor With Effects

Here’s where the magic happens. As soon as you finish recording, FocuSee’s editor takes over. It:

  • Adds professional background colors and images
  • Applies stylistic corner rounding and shadow effects
  • Pans and zooms appropriately

You get a complete, great-looking edited video without doing it yourself!

Interactive Elements

This is a unique feature in FocuSee. You can insert interactive elements like:

  • Quizzes – Add single-choice or multiple-choice questions anywhere in your video that viewers can answer. Great for assessments.
  • Email collector – Viewers can enter their email addresses right in the video, which is perfect for lead generation.
  • CTAs – Call viewers to take action with clickable buttons for things like “Register here”, “Buy now” etc.

This interactivity helps you engage viewers better and get measurable results from videos.

Record Selfie + Screen

FocuSee lets you record your webcam feed side-by-side with your screen. This allows you to have a personalized “talking head” shot of yourself explaining things.

It’s great for tutorials, lessons, vlogs, and presentations. Viewers feel like you’re talking directly to them, increasing engagement.

Multiple Export Options

You can export your finished videos in different ways:

  • MP4 video file
  • GIF – great for marketing
  • Video Link – share via a simple link
  • Embed Code – embed your video anywhere with the code

FocuSee also allows uploading videos to their cloud. You get 1GB of free storage to host and share online.

Social Media Resizing

Before exporting, you can select optimal sizes for different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more. FocuSee will automatically resize your video for the best fit.

Works On Windows & Mac

Many video apps work on only one platform. But FocuSee offers native apps for both Windows and Mac.

So you can record your screen on any computer. This flexibility is great for all users.

How Much Does FocuSee Cost?

FocuSee is affordably priced at just $19.99 for a 30-day trial plan. They provide early bird offers before 12/31/2023, with lifetime free updates. You pay just once and can use it forever with unlimited videos.

Early bird offers:

1-Computer$69.991 user, lifetime validity
2-Computer$95.99Up to 2 users, lifetime validity
5-Computer$179.99Up to 5 users, lifetime validity

Given its game-changing automatic editing capabilities, these prices are a steal and provide immense value. Especially when you consider hiring a video editor costs hundreds of dollars per video, FocuSee provides immense value.


Videos are a super powerful way to share ideas online. But for many people, making videos seems too hard and time-consuming. This is where FocuSee comes in.

FocuSee makes creating great videos easy for anyone by handling the recording and editing automatically. Just focus on creating your content.

Things like adding zooms, spotlights, and more are done for you by FocuSee’s smart video editor. You don’t need any technical experience to make awesome videos.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, freelancer, or run a business – anyone can benefit from making videos with FocuSee. It enables you to share knowledge, teach skills, promote your work, and express your creativity through videos without headaches.

And with one-time pricing starting at $69.99, FocuSee provides tremendous value.

Ready to start making cool videos today? Visit FocuSee and download it for free. See how you can engage audiences and share your best content through well-edited videos with this game-changing app.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

With years of software development experience under his belt, Santos Cruickshank has always been passionate about learning about different kinds of software for PC and apps for smartphones. Santos Cruickshank has been one of the lead developers for Slack back in 2017 and now works as a freelance software developer. Apart from that, he also loves to write and educate people about software development and how to use them.