Eufy RoboVac 11S Review: Still the Budget King?

Eufy RoboVac 11S Review

The Robo Vac 11s launched three years ago, and it is one of the best affordable options that perform well in the budget vacuum lineup. Plus, 11s is an excellent choice for those who always prioritize simplicity. Its remote control, paired-back features & ultra-simple operation mean it’s easy to use, and it’s pretty much unseen in the budget segment. Eufy is one of the leading brands manufacturing smart home devices with an affordable price tag. And the RoboVac 11S from the brand is one of the selling budget robotic vacuum cleaners. 

So, in this article, we’re going to review and test this piece of gadget to find out why it is still the budget king. 

Design & Features

Design-wise it has a robust build; however, the slim-low profile ensures it cleans under just about everything in your living space. That means, if you have low-clearance furniture Robo Vac 11s is a strong option to choose. On top of the vacuum, the oval power button doubles as an indicator light that flashes multiple colors to give you an idea about the current status. Besides, it has a bumper in front, which houses its infrared sensors. It also has a large point six-liter dustbin, two spin brushes, a nose wheel, and many more.


Next is performance, which does a noticeable job, picking up a full bin of dirt, hair, and other odds is not an issue at all. Plus, the BoostIQ suction mode automatically increases cleaning strength when the robot detects carpets. As mentioned earlier, due to being low-profile, it navigates under obstacles that other vacuums can’t manage. Not even handheld vacuums with a long hose.


The 11S is also good at maneuvering across different types of flooring, and it can roam around the entire house if there are no obstacles on the cleaning path. But on the other hand, exciting features like 3D mapping, no-go-zone, and multi-floor adoption are missing. However, it can smoothly transition between carpet & vinyl while having no problem with raised edges.


Similar to build quality, the runtime is solid too. On a single charge, it vacuums for up to 100-minutes on hardwood floors. However, it has two premium features, and automatic recharging is one of them, meaning it’s always ready to clean if any mess happens.

Final Thoughts

Apart from all of these, this vacuum works so quietly that you barely notice its presence, even if you’re in the same room. And if the TV is on or the music is playing, you probably won’t hear it. If you don’t need a futuristic robot vacuum that supports smartphones and voice commands, then for under 230 dollars, this gadget from Eufy is a good choice for the price. Its compact design, suction technology, ultra-quiet operation, and solid battery life make it a no-brainer for anyone with lots of low-profile furniture.

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