Get a Grip on Next-Level Productivity with the EX-G Pro Ergonomic Mouse

Get a Grip on Next-Level Productivity with the EX-G Pro Ergonomic Mouse

If you spend over two hours a day working on a computer like most knowledge economy employees, you know that aches and pains can sneak up from poor posture and equipment over time. 

Specifically, improperly designed mice can wreak havoc, from causing wrist soreness to carpal tunnel syndrome. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

ELECOM’s new EX-G collection focuses on ergonomic excellence while the EX-G Pro version takes it further with premium features. After extensively testing ELECOM’s new EX-G Pro ergonomic mouse, we can conclusively say it’s a game changer for comfort and functionality.

Excited to know what’s in store with this Pro mouse? Keep scrolling for an in-depth review that’ll uncover all its features and benefits!

Overview of the EX-G Collection

The EX-G ergonomic mouse collection offers diverse options to match varied needs:

  • Multiple sizes like small, medium, and large
  • Color choices of black, navy, and white
  • Left and right-handed models
  • Connectivity: wired USB, wireless USB, Bluetooth

It features:

  • Ergonomic shape supporting natural hand position
  • Silent click buttons from Panasonic
  • 8 customizable buttons to assign shortcuts/macros
  • Multi-device pairing: Connect up to 2 devices
  • Advanced optical tracking sensor
  • Blue LED visual design accents
  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS

Specific EX-G models include:

  • EX-G Pro: Flagship model with tri-mode connectivity, tilt-wheel scrolling, rapid charging
  • EX-G Bluetooth: Wireless Bluetooth connection to laptops/devices
  • EX-G Wireless USB: Proprietary USB dongle for lag-free wireless
  • EX-G Wired: Simple plug-and-play wired USB connectivity

So in summary, the diverse EX-G collection caters to wide-ranging mouse needs and preferences via its variety of ergonomic models.

Introducing the EX-G Pro

The EX-G Pro takes the ergonomic foundation and adds:

  • Rechargeable battery with rapid USB-C charging
  • Extra programmable buttons
  • Enhanced optical sensor
  • Tilt scroll wheel with smart high-speed scrolling
  • Tri-mode connectivity: Bluetooth, wireless, wired

So the Pro model unlocks additional possibilities for power users.

First Impressions: Quality Design Meets Medical Ergonomics

Opening our test unit box, we quickly saw the EX-G Pro’s thoroughly made contours and textured grip areas. Way different from the generic mouse shapes we’re used to, the half-upright angle and widened base immediately give off ergonomic impressions. 

ELECOM made the shape by working closely with bone and joint specialists to promote natural wrist placement and lessen tension. Choose from three sizes (small, medium, large) to find your perfect fit.

The matte black color gives off professional polish, improved by glowing marker lights and a strengthened braided cable that provides a premium feel. 

For included add-ons, you get a quality braided USB-C charging wire, the Mouse Assistant software access code, and user booklets. And, the overall unboxing experience shows the price point.

Specs: Go Beyond Ergonomics with Strong Use Features

In an era where ergonomic devices often compromise on features to focus on comfort, the EX-G Pro proves you can have both. In addition to the ergo-friendly shape, it packs serious performance strengths:

  • Ultimate Blue LED Sensor 
  • Silent Click Switch
  • 8 programmable and customizable buttons
  • Tilting scroll wheel with hyper-fast scroll mode
  • Multi connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G Wireless, Wired, etc.
  • 60-day battery life, USB-C rapid charging
Get a Grip on Next-Level Productivity with the EX-G Pro Ergonomic Mouse

Relaxed Grip Feels Natural Even After Marathon Sessions

Moving from our regular mouse, the EX-G Pro’s slanted contour immediately molded nicely to our hand and wrist. The textured sides provide a relaxed yet controlled hold without pinching or contact stress even during marathon sessions. 

We also liked the quiet yet tactile clicks courtesy of Panasonic’s famous silent mechanical switches. Unlike old-fashioned upright mice needing uncomfortable sideways hand twisting to click buttons, the EX-G Pro keeps the arm, wrist, and fingers arranged straight to reduce rough movements. 

We could zip through hour-plus work or gaming sessions without any hint of hand soreness later. The ergonomic specialists ELECOM teamed up with certainly knew their stuff here.

Accurate, Customizable, and Quiet: Skill That Impresses

Ready with a high-detail sensor the EX-G Pro showed great accuracy and liquid tracking response across different mousepads and surfaces. Even fine-tuned photo edits and gaming headshots were no problem. 

Bluetooth connectivity stayed stable up to 10+ feet away from our paired laptops too. But we were most excited by the many customization choices thanks to 8 programmable buttons settable via the Mouse Assistant software. 

Whether enhancing shortcuts in Excel, assigning complex keystroke macros for coding projects, or mapping special attacks in games, the options are huge. And toggling the scroll wheel into hyper-fast mode made quick work of long documents.

Throughout our testing, the silent clicking continued wowing us with whisper-quiet clicks that prevent disruptions in libraries, offices, or night-computing without losing tactile feedback. This stellar balance really showcases ELECOM’s specialized skills.

Seamless Multi-Device Connectivity with Outstanding Battery Life

Pairing our test unit to both our work and personal laptops via Bluetooth 5.0 proved smooth and intuitive complete with numbered pairing slots to easily switch connections. 

We loved having pointer control of both systems at once via a single mouse. And remembering custom settings for each paired device via onboard memory meant no repeat setup procedures.

Even with extensive daily use across different tasks, we only needed the handy USB-C charging wire after a whopping 60 days thanks to smart sleep settings that conserve juice. And charging to full took under two hours – much better than old-fashioned alkaline batteries!

Customization Software Unlocks Next-Level Potential

While the EX-G Pro delivers solid performance out of the box, downloading ELECOM’s extra Mouse Assistant software unlocks additional tweaking capabilities. With robust options for remapping buttons, creating scroll/click/gesture macros, and tuning DPI sensitivities, power users have huge room for changes.

We enjoyed mapping shortcuts to simplify Excel number crunching and building multi-key macros to insert frequently used text snippets while writing. 

The clean software interface also makes trying custom configs enjoyable with handy built-in presets to reference too. For those wanting peak mouse tailoring to their needs, the software is a bonus.

Streamlined Software Enhances Setup and Use

Getting the Mouse Assistant software from the ELECOMUSA website proves straightforward.

Step 1

  • We just selected the Windows or Mac version to match our laptop OS.
  • The software installation only takes a few minutes, especially after temporarily deactivating security tools.

Step 2

Once installed, an icon appears showing it’s ready to go.

  • After choosing your preferred interface language and agreeing to data permissions, you access the easy main menu.

Step 3

Here you can start:

  • Remapping buttons
  • Tuning scroll speeds
  • Creating macros
  • Adjusting other settings
  • Accessing the manual for guidance

We were impressed by the clean windows and intuitive options that make both software setup and customizing the EX-G Pro mouse very simple. 

Within a few minutes, you can unlock tons of bonus features to boost your mousing experience. For those seeking to maximize this mouse’s potential, the streamlined software removes any barriers.

A Next-Gen Contender Claiming Peak Ergo-Productivity Honors

Whenever a device hits our test bench touting breakthrough ergonomics or skill with a premium price tag, we set very high hopes for real-world performance. 

In the case of ELECOM’s expertise-filled EX-G Pro ergonomic mouse, we’re thrilled to report it merits every penny of its $59.99 cost. Merging specialized comfort-focused design with robust functionality, smart features, and big customization chances, it lifts the bar for ergonomic mice. 

If you want the mix of medical-grade wrist/arm support and sheer skill power in a mouse, this new offering should shoot to the top of your list. Discover for yourself how a purpose-built ergonomic mouse can boost ease and efficiency to take your mousing experience into unexplored regions!

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