Ekster Parliament Wallet Review: Best Trackable Smart Wallet?

Ekster Parliament Wallet Review

Are you getting bored of your same old traditional wallet and wanting to try something new? Well, the Ekster wallets might be exactly what you’re looking for. Their leather wallets come with a slimmer look and offer more features than traditional ones. Besides, Ekster has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most well-known independent wallet companies. Here, we’re introducing Ekster PARLIAMENT WALLET, a smart wallet made of fine leather that is ideal for thin storage and fast card access. Give all your cards the ultimate protection and security they deserve with the overall best Ekster parliament smart wallet that adds premium-ness along with many essential smart features.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the Ekster Parliament Wallet, including its design, usefulness, capacity, and quality, as well as its potential lifetime.

Looks and Design

Straight out of the box, the Ekster PARLIAMENT wallet is pretty basic in appearance. You could see the Ekster logo that has a faint sheen that gives it sparkle when viewed from different angles It has solid and tight stitching all around the edges. It also features a thumb switch that allows easy and fast access to your cards. It’s designed to keep the thumb switch secure by enclosing it with leather. 


The Ekster PARLIAMENT WALLET comes with a card slider system that helps store and disburse cards while being secured against wireless theft by an RFID/NFC blocking device. The wallet has a thumb lever at the bottom that helps my cards slide out in an orderly manner. The RFID-blocking technology protects your wallet against the growing risk of electronic pickpockets. What makes the Ekster parliament wallet stand out is its smart tracking features.

With this stylish pouch, you never have to worry about losing your important cards or valuable cash, as its tracker card will allow you to find it from anywhere in the world. Ekster offers a dedicated application that lets you ring your tracker with your smartphone or even ring your smartphone through the tracker. You can also ring the tracker only via voice commands as it is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri.

Materials and Capacity

The material of any wallet is very crucial as durability and longevity depend on it. The Parliament is a bi-fold wallet made with polyvinyl butyral and includes an aluminum card case. The top-grain leather of the Ekster is very smooth looks great and feels nice. Thus, these wallets are pretty durable and have a great finish as well. Moreover, Ekster has sourced their quality leather keeping the environment in mind. It has the capacity to hold up to 6 cards and features a thumb lever at the bottom that lets the cards slide out after a push. For storing more cards there’s a second card compartment on the back of the wallet.


The Ekster Parliament wallet is available in a variety of various colors. Traditional colors like black and a variety of browns are available, as well as more unusual colors including reds, blues, and greens. Moreover, you can also find the Parliament wallet in three distinct types or variants.

Final Verdict

In terms of both quality and functionality, you would be blown away by the Ekster Parliament Wallet. They merged the finest of both classic and modern looks with a wide range of quality and vintage color selections. All in all, even with all these features, the Ekster parliament wallet remains much slimmer compared to conventional wallets, making it the best wallet to go for.

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