Echo Show 10 vs Facebook Portal Go: Which One is Right for You?

Echo Show 10 vs Facebook Portal Go

With the growing popularity of video calls and the associated smart devices, two products have gained a lot of attention. The first is Amazon’s Echo Show 10, and the other is Facebook’s Portal Go. These gadgets offer the next step in video calling technology, along with other smart hub features. All in all, they’re sure to be a great addition to any smart home setup. This is why in this article, we’ll share a feature comparison of both these stepbrothers so you can decide which suits your needs. That being said, let’s jump in!

Sound Quality

During a video call with a loved one, all you want to hear is their voice since it provides a gentle relief to your ears and heart. Well, in this case, Echo Show 10 can deliver lifelike sound with punchy bass as it is equipped with a 2.1 audio system, two tweeters, and a woofer. It also helps you to enjoy your favorite music as it is meant to be. Not only that, you can hear and see your favorite chef better when he/she is cooking and be the MasterChef at your home.

Video Quality

On video quality, the Portal Go has a 12MegaPixel smart Camera with an ultra-wide field of view, and our famous boy Echo Show 10 has a wide 13MegaPixel camera. Here you may hardly find the difference between them. The thing that makes these two rivals apart is their pre-built AI technology. All of them keep users in the frame during a video conference, but Show 10 can go beyond. It can rotate the screen up to 180-degree and can recognize who is talking, ensuring auto pan and tilt during the time of conversation. Super impressive!

Echo Show 10


Coming to security, these two step brothers are designed to keep users’ privacy safe & secure. They have a mic & camera disable switch along with an integrated camera cover. It provides added privacy from hackers, plus the shutter is super supportive if you forget to turn off your camera after a video conference. So, both get 1 point.

Display and Design

Both smart displays are nearly 10-inches, and Facebook Portal Go is slightly bigger than the Echo Show 10. However, both feature the same resolution, which is 1280 by 800 Pixel. Impressive right? The display of show 10 looks nicely saturated and reasonably brighter than the Portal Go. But it’s also quite reflective, which can be an issue if you have bright overhead lights and the screen is tilted back. On the other hand, you do not face the reflective issue on Facebook’s smart display.


After the sound quality, let’s talk about the connectivity. Both feature the latest Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity which are Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5. It becomes helpful to enjoy hassle-free video calls, buffering-free cooking recipes, tv shows, home automation, personal entertainment, and much more.

Voice Assistant

Regarding the voice assistant compatibility, these two smart displays come with Amazon Alexa built-in. This means, they can make your life easier, more meaningful, and more fun by letting you voice-control your world. Giving you the opportunity to experience better home automation.


In portability, nothing can beat the Portal Go because it’s compact, lightweight, and battery-operated. You can maneuver it from one room to another without feeling any additional weight. Also, for compact construction, you can leave it on the table, bookshelf, countertop, or any flat surface.

Facebook Portal Go


On a single charge, the Portable Go can stay alive for up to 14-hours, enabling total peace of mind. Besides, for the charging dock and a long cord, you don’t have to keep it near the power outlet. On the other hand, Echo Show 10 requires continuous power to keep things connected, which may become an issue during a power outage. But most of us have a Generator, IPS, or other backup option, so you don’t have to worry about it and take a chill pill.

Final Verdict

So we’ve reached the final verdict, and these are not the last; there are more to describe, which is impossible in a single post. Well, both are great in their own classes, and it’s totally up to you. Echo Show 10 is good for the motorized base while you’re learning new recipes, and Portal Go is great for portability. Show 10 produces better sound while the FP Go delivers better content. So, the choice is yours, and these were the Facebook Portal Go Vs. Echo Show 10 is just for you.

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