DJI Inspire 3 Expectations and Release Date

DJI Inspire 3 Expectations and Release Date

The DJI inspire series has been one of the most popular drones for aerial cinematography, and the inspire 2 is undoubtedly a complete powerhouse. Probably, that’s the reason why DJI hasn’t introduced the next-generation version for years now. 

Well, rumors of the inspire 2 getting discontinued indicate that we might see the next version of this drone soon. It’s not just speculations anymore as more information about the inspire 3 has emerged already. To find out more about this upcoming flier. As in this article, we will be discussing what DJI might bring up with their upcoming inspire 3, and also when we might get to see it. So, let’s dive in.

Expectations and Release Date

A prototype version of the DJI inspire 3 was crashed this week, and it was later found by someone other than DJI personnel. And the pictures of the prototype confirm that the production of inspire 3 is already in progress.

Earlier this year, Osital V shared a tweet referring to a farewell for the inspire 2. He also shared a picture that seems to be a production discontinuation notice to the dealers in china. This confirms once the current stock of inspire 2 is over, there will be no new drones manufactured for sale. Means that DJI is looking forward to creating a place for its upcoming professional drone.

However, Osital V also shared a concept sketch of the upcoming inspire 3 along with all the possible specs. From the sketch, the upcoming inspire seems to have a foldable design along with a detachable camera module. And, as far as we are assuming, DJI is likely to make the drone compatible with Zenmuse X9, which is currently being used on the Ronin 8K camera. So, with this camera upgrade, the inspire 3 might let you shoot 8K videos at 75 frames per second, 6K at 100 fps, and 4K videos at 200 fps. So, the drone will offer crisp details even from a higher altitude.

Osital V also mentioned that the inspire 3 might support Raw 12 bit and ProRes 422 HQ and 4444XQ codec. This will also enhance the overall picture quality to quite some extent.

For avoiding objects nearby, the upcoming inspire 3 is likely to feature omni directional obstacle avoidance sensor. DJI might also introduce an APAS pro or advanced pilot assistance system to make the drone even more user-friendly. The inspire 3 is also rumored to be compatible with a whole new controller system named RC Plus. The controller will have a 7-inch display and an upgraded transmission method.

As for the price, based on what Osital V claimed, the upcoming inspire 3 might come up with at least a 1.5 times higher price tag than the ronin 8k camera. So, it’s likely to be around $11,499. While other experts believe the drone will cost around $10,000 depending on the camera payload you use.

Final Say

And, with all these upgrades, the inspire 3 might be launched around this year’s last quarter. Besides, according to dealsdrone shared roadmap, DJI might unveil this popular professional drone in September. Surely, this drone is going to be one of the best professional drones like its predecessor. What do you think of this upcoming flier, and what more upgrades would you love to see?   

Joe Pfeffer

Joe Pfeffer

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