DJI Avata Leaks: Bad News for Drone Lovers!

DJI Avata Leaks Bad News for Drone Lovers!

The last time when we spoke about the upcoming DJI drone Avata, we assumed it might launch sometime between July and August 2022. According to the latest rumors, the drone has been delayed but is still on its route. This CineWhoop drone has been tipped to come with a drastically different design than DJI’s other drones. Let’s break down all the leaks and rumors regarding this. 

DJI Avata Leaks

Release Date

The first thing we want to talk about is its release date and why it has been delayed. Usually, we see leaked photos and videos of the product when they are around a month away from arrival. And last month we saw the leaked photos of the DJI Avata, which indicated DJI might be gearing up for its launch. While we have been waiting for the upcoming drone DJI Avata, rumor suggests we have to wait a little longer, which is pretty bad news. So, why is that? According to a reliable leaker, DealsDrone, DJI Avata is going to delay the release date due to the factory expansion and moving to a new location. Also, DealsDrone is the one who predicted the July 2022 launch.


Now let’s talk about its design and features, so on May 19, 2022, DealsDrone posted the first leaked images on Twitter that shows a small and plasticky drone with a design of typical current CineWhoop models. But, there is one feature that can differentiate it from other ChineWhoop models, which is the built-in camera and gimbal. Yes, built-in camera and gimbal, while recent CineWhoop drones mostly come with GoPro mount without the camera system. However, DJI Avata is likely to have a DJI camera module that might be able to deliver similar image and video quality as the DJI Mini 3 Pro. Mini 3 Pro is the recent best mini drone you can buy to make your aerial footage amazing.

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DJI Goggles

Moreover, the DJI Avata might come with a new DJI’s FPV Goggles. Even, a few days ago, a leaked image showed the upcoming DJI Goggles, but it appears to be an edited image of the FPV Goggles V2. If DJI Avata comes with new FPV Goggles, then it might support head chase mode, according to DealsDrone. 


Also, this action drone is expected to come with a built-in vibration reduction function, which will help the Avata to make less noise and more stability. Speaking of stability, DJI Avata might have gimbal-based stability, EIS, or maybe a combination of both, which is not clear yet. However, DJI has amazing stability features like RockSteady and HorizonSteady, so Avata might take benefit of these features.

Our Takeaway

So, what do we know about its new release date? Well, no information yet. We only can say it will be great if we wait a little longer to get an outstanding product from DJI. In short, while DJI Avata is shaping up to get released, rumor suggests it has been delayed due to the factory expansion, so we have to wait to see a CineWhoop style drone from DJI. It might come with a built-in camera system with better stability. So, what do you think? Are you going to wait a little longer?   

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