Coolest Inventions That will Blow Your Mind

Ameca Humanoid Robot

The coolest innovations in 2022 will blow your mind with all the Ai, EVs, and flying cars. So, what’s in store for us? Scroll down to the end to find out. 

1. Ameca Humanoid Robot

First, there was Sofia, a humanoid robot. Ameca is another humanoid robot with better facial movements and mannerism that mirrors humans. 

So, who’s it for? Well, no one. These humanoid robots aren’t products but research platforms to perfect the technology. These humanoid robots or androids are being built for the public service sector. That’s why they are using these robots to perfect the technology to make human interaction much more natural. So, besides the human life face, albeit gray in color, this robot also comes with a lifelike body. Who knows? Maybe the androids from “Detroit: Become Human” just might become a reality. 

2. DALL-E 2

AI has come a long way from being just quirky chatbots. Now, you can tell them what to draw, and the results will amaze you. The DALL-E 2 does exactly that. 

It is known as a text-to-image AI; you tell it what you want to be drawn. The Ai gives you multiple results; some of these are amazing, both for their aesthetic presentation and high resolution. In addition, AI is continuously being trained. As a result, it can produce images from scratch and further modify any existing images to fit the text description. Maybe Dall-E 2 can be the next Leonardo Da Vinci in the future.


3. Jetson ONE

Days of private jets just might become limited with the Jetson One. Much like a drone, this aircraft packs eight electric motors and comes with an aluminum and carbon fiber build. 

Jetson plans on changing the way we travel, making the skies available for everyone. This personal aircraft prioritizes your safety over everything. It comes with a race car-inspired cell design for the pilot, hands-free flying features, and ballistic parachutes. Furthermore, if you were to lose a motor, you won’t come crashing down, as the Jetson One can fly without one of the motors.  

It has a flight time of 20 minutes, with the top speed being 102 kilometers per hour. With the Jetson One, zooming through the skies will be easier than ever.

4. SkyDrive SD-03 

Flying cars just might be a few years away, and the Skydrive SD three is the proof of that; it’s an ultra-light and compact flying vehicle that can fly without a runway.

The company behind this flying vehicle aims to make these vehicles much safer, affordable, and less noisy. Moreover, it’s autonomous. So, in busy cities, these flying vehicles will be the next taxis; a tap on your phone and the flying taxis will take you wherever you want to go. 

For now, the SkyDrive can carry a single passenger and fly at the highest speed of 50 kilometers per hour for 10 minutes. We might just see the Skydrive SD three hit the skies by 2026.

SkyDrive SD-03 

5. SpinLaunch

What’s the answer to decreasing pollution from rocket flights? The answer is SpinLaunch. 

SpinLauch has brought a new way to send people to space. They use a kinetic system powered by electricity to launch 200 class satellites into space, making it cheaper than usual. Furthermore, they have introduced the Suborbital accelerator, an orbital launch system. On top of that, they are introducing enterprise-level satellites without compromising their quality and performance.

If SpinLaunch enters the commercial scene, traveling to space just might become affordable for everyone. 

6. WMC250EV by White Motorcycle Concepts

EVs are the future, and the WMC250EV is the future of bikes. This bike from White Motorcycle Concepts has the best aerodynamic efficiency. In addition, through research and development, the electric motorcycle achieves twice the mileage for the same battery used in any other bike. The most unique part of the bike is the air passage in the middle, allowing the air to freely pass and increasing its aerodynamic efficiency. In addition, it uses technology that gives you 5 times more load and 70% less drag. 

Overall, this bike from White Motorcycle Concept just might be the more aerodynamic motorcycle ready to run lapses on a racetrack.

WMC250EV by White Motorcycle Concepts

7. The Massage Table

A massage feels fantastic after a long day of work. What if you could get that relaxation at home? Meet the Massage Table by Massage Robotics. 

This robot is your all-in-one solution to massaging and relaxation. It comes with two arms and is equipped with a neural network to better understand you than anyone else. The robot can operate on a 6-axis and can understand verbal instructions. 

So, you can easily set the path, pressure, and speed by talking to the robot. On top of these, you can set a schedule for when you want the massage and get more control with the smartphone app. So take care of yourself and get that massage you have wanted with The Massage table.

8. Snowbot S1

The last thing you want to do is shovel snow on a cold day; it can lead to back pain and your boss yelling at you for being late. So what’s the solution? The answer is Snowbot S1. 

The Snowbot S1 is an autonomous snowblower that takes care of all the piles in front of your house. Just position the three beacons, and you’re good to go. The best part is that you can control it with your phone. 

The robot uses LiDar technology to avoid any obstacle on the way and flashes yellow lights to warn others. It’s fully autonomous, so it will take care of all that snow before you get on the driveway. Enjoy a clean driveway with the Snowbot S1. 

9. BMW iX Flow

What if you got bored of plain white or black cars? What if you could change the car color just like your wallpaper? With the BMW iX Flow, you can do those and more. 

The iX Flow can change color instantly thanks to the electrophoretic technology built on the exterior; it’s the same tech you find in e-ink devices. So thanks to that, all is possible whether you want neon paint or to display your NFT. 

Besides these, it also means that you can change color to white during the hot summer days and keep your vehicle cool. On cold days, switch to black, and you will be cozy and warm. It opens up a plethora of possibilities for seamless customization. 

10. Oura Ring

Tracking your health just got easier, and it’s not another giant strap to the wrist but a minimal ring. Meet the Oura Ring Gen 3, and it will replace every other health tracker you got. From checking your heartbeat to keeping track of your health, it can do it all. 

The Oura ring has sensors all-around your finger, making it the best tracker with 99.6% accuracy. Wanna track your sleep? Go ahead and sleep; the 4 to 7 days battery ensures no gap in tracking. For charging, it takes just 20 to 80 minutes to fully charge. So to keep your health in check, the Oura ring can be your next best companion. 

It seems like the future is all Ai, robots, flying cars, and EVs. These are fascinating, and some are just jaw-dropping. A lot of these inventions will surely help us, whether going to work on flying cars or spinning ourselves to mars.
Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque has always been fascinated by sci-fi movies, but more specifically by the hi-tech gadgets and devices that people use in those movies. And as smart home devices became more and more popular, Samiul Haque decided to become a dedicated content creator who uses and reviews everything from smart speakers, smart home appliances to the latest smartphones, smartwatches, etc.