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Wi-Fi vs ZigBee vs Z-wave
Smart Home

Wi-Fi vs ZigBee vs Z-wave Explained: What’s the Difference?

Every smart device you put your hands on is connected with some type of networks such as Bluetooth or Wi-fi. ...

Smart Door Lock
Smart Home

Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Smart Door Lock

Whether your hands are full of groceries or you frequently lose your keys, smart door locks allow you to enter ...

How to Build Out a Smart Home Theater
Smart Home

How to Build a Smart Home Theater: Everything You Need to Know

When you plan to build out your smart home, don’t overlook the smart home theater. Everyone has completely different needs ...

airtag vs smart_tag vs tile
Smart Home

Apple AirTag vs Tile and Samsung SmartTag

Once attached, Bluetooth tracking devices help you locate all your necessary items. This handy device makes sure you never lose ...

Secure your smart home
Smart Home

7 Steps That Can Secure Your Smart Home

Imagine you and your family having a great time on a beautiful evening. Suddenly, Your TV turns on automatically with ...

Why Should You Move Into a Smart Home
Smart Home

Why Should You Move Into a Smart Home?

Kings and queens used to live in castles. A handful of them still do. Angelina Jolie bought a house with ...