AIO vs Custom Loop Liquid Cooling

AIO vs Custom Loop Liquid Cooling: Which One is Better?

There are multiple types of liquid cooling solutions available on the market, which sometimes make you confused as to which ...

Why MacBook Trackpad is The Best

Why MacBook Trackpad is The Best?

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Does More Core Means Better Performance

Does More Core Means Better Performance? CPU Cores & Threads Explained

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RDNA 3 leaks
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Early AMD RDNA 3 Leak Suggests Big Performance Jump

Recently AMD released its RX6000 graphics cards, but next-generation cards are, of course, in the line to launch based on ...


DDR5 RAM: The New Generation of Computer Memory

The next generation of computer memory specifically the DDR5 might be sooner than you might expect. Processors and Graphics cards ...

Asus Expertbook P2 Review
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Asus ExpertBook P2 Review: Productivity at Your Fingertip

I believe a laptop should meet 5 important factors if you want to label it as “Business Oriented”. Firstly, the ...

LG Ultra Gear 32GP850
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LG Ultra Gear 32GP850 Nano-IPS Monitor Review

LG has stepped up their game with their Ultra Gear 32GP850 Nano-IPS monitor and in this article, we put it ...

iPad Pro 2021

iPad Pro 2021: The Ultimate Tablet of Decades

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M1 Chip Featured

The Apple M1 Chip Replaces Intel in The New MacBook

Apple’s very own M1 Chip is now out there and the initial reviews and criticism are flocking in. The rate ...

Why Apple Made 16-inch MacBook
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Why Apple Made 16-inch MacBook

 When Apple surprised everyone with a 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2019 everyone was a bit skeptical about the device. While ...