5 Best Webinar Software for Marketers You Should Consider Using

Best Webinar Software for Marketers

With the best webinar software, marketers can easily connect directly with their new customers and deeply engage with the existing ones. Besides that, they have plenty of useful features to invite, run and manage attendees smoothly. But since we have so many options out there in the market, it’s easy to get lost. That’s why in this article, we will show you five of the best webinar software that’s best for marketers.   

Top 5 Best Webinar Software for Marketers

Maybe you are already using a software for arranging webinars,  who knows it could one this list list. To help you with better options, this list contains 5 best webinar software. So let’s check them out. 

1. Zoom

Zoom is more popular as a video conferencing tool. Its reliable features, intuitive user interface and affordable price has made it ideal for webinars. Zoom allows you to customize your presentation style with a mix of video and screen sharing to match your content. It also allows two side-by-side views, which come in handy in situations like keeping the presenter’s video up while doing a demonstration video on the other. 


Besides, presenters can also view audience questions in a pop-up window to run a highly interactive panel-style webinar. In terms of pricing, zoom has three paid plans that scale up based on the number of participants and features. Their free plan comes with up to 100 participants and unlimited group meetings for 40 minutes. Recently they also added a new Zoom Webinar and event plans where you can choose up to a whopping 10,000+ attendees. Overall, Zoom can be an excellent solution for your business if you are looking for something affordable with advanced scalability features.  

2. WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja is an all-in-one web-based webinar platform capable of running Live, Automated, Series and Hybrid webinars. With tons of powerful built-in tools and features, it’s more than just a webinar. This webinar software uses the latest live video technology for ensuring a high-quality live broadcast without any lag. This helps to increase audience interaction with the presenter efficiently. Besides that, it allows you to send automatic reminders, follow-ups and thank you emails easily. Plus, it includes a built-in landing page to create a unique and high-converting landing page quickly. 


Moreover, their highly visible dashboard shows detailed analytics like who clicked your event, attended, purchased, and more. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with all your existing favorite software and has multiple subscription plans based on the number of live attendees. All in all, WebinarNinja is a reliable webinar software for marketers that’s loaded with useful modern features.  

3. Livestorm

Livestorm is another webinar software that doesn’t require any downloads or plugins and is excellent for doing live training sessions or product demos. This webinar software stands out from the crowd due to its ease of use, and you won’t feel the need to be a tech-savvy person to kick things off. Moreover, it has an excellent set of automation features like email templates, email delivery tracking, customizable registration pages, website widgets, built-in social sharing, and much more. Other than that, you can also launch polls, answer questions, share various files and display different emojis to engage with your participants.


Thanks to its integrated dashboard, you can make data-driven decisions and analyze the performance of your meetings and events. Plus, you can integrate with other CRM software like Hubspot or Salesforce to leverage the data from your events. Lastly, Livestorm offers a Free plan of Up to 20 minutes and 10 registrants per event. Their Premium plan usually starts at $109 per month with up to 100 attendees. But with a 30 percent off, it’s now going for only $76. Hence, you should give it a try!   

4. WebinarJam

If you want to host a webinar with a large number of attendees, the WebinarJam is the best option that you should go with. It can host up to a whopping 5,000 attendees at once, it’s easily one of the best webinar software for large businesses. This cloud-based software can broadcast high-definition audio and video to all of your devices, including the mobile one. It also empowers you with Live Chat, Private Chat, Sticky Announcements, Question and Answer to keep your webinar events alive and engaging.


Another feature we loved is the Automated Recordings with Replica Replay, which makes your replay events just as engaging as your live sessions. Moreover, it has a Flexible Scheduling where you can start your session right away or schedule them in a recurring series or always-on manner. Aside from that, they have an intuitive page builder to maximize your registration and full email automation to keep your subscribers in the loop. And, with all of that, they are confident enough to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Because of that, we highly recommend WebinarJam for you.

5. Demio

Demio is like the cream of the crop when we talk about webinar applications with a modern and user-friendly interface. Not only that, it provides your audience with all the marketing tools that are needed to generate better results. Firstly, with this webinar software, you can effortlessly create and customize a conversion-optimized page for your market and event. Then you can create both live or completely automated webinars to run at specific times and dates. You can also schedule it to be recurring or on-demand options.


Inside the room, it lets you share your webcam or screen, upload presentation slides, play a video and more. Not just that, you can also share a handout, communicate with your attendees through a public chat, engage your audience with replies, emojis and polls. In addition to that, it can show you detailed analytics and stats to analyze the results and improve your campaigns. Lastly, it connects more than 50 marketing apps and offers three paid plans starting from $34 per month. Considering all, there’s no denying that Demio is the most effective and powerful webinar app to create, market and host successful webinars efficiently.

The success of a webinar is all about your excellence and the way you engage with your audience. These are the best webinar software to engage your audience in a unique way.  Hopefully, these items will be useful to you for your next webinar. So, which one among these are you considering to try next?

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