5 Best Text Message (SMS) Marketing Service

5 Best Text Message (SMS) Marketing Service

Sometimes, email marketing can be a plain futile way to communicate with your customers. Inboxes are always overflowing with piles of unread mails, the majority of which automatically ends up in the spam. However, if you want something similar but more effective as a marketing strategy, using SMS or text messages will be your best bet. 

According to Gartner.com, text messages are opened up to 98% of the time and have a response rate of 45%. This is quite expected, considering how convenient it is to open an SMS and reply to it on smartphones. It is not as technologically challenging as emails or any other messenger apps as well. Consequently, you can reach more people with your promotional message through SMS. If you want to make sure your customer reads your order confirmation, promotions, and marketing campaign information, SMS marketing is the best way to do so. 

If you are considering SMS marketing, you will need to determine who should be your ally in succeeding your new marketing strategy. Therefore, today, we have brought you five of the best text message or SMS marketing services that you can try.   

5 Best SMS Marketing Services  

Working on a new marketing strategy can be overwhelming. However, a suitable channel partner for your brand can ease the process for you and support your goal along the way. The SMS marketing territory is no different. Let us introduce you to the best text message or SMS marketing services that played crucial roles in many successful campaigns. 

1. TextMagic

TextMagic can send messages to your existing and potential customers for notifications, order confirmations, and SMS marketing campaigns. It is one of the best SMS marketing software if you want to execute your strategy as soon as possible. Within moments of signing up, you will be able to send out your first promotional text messages. TextMagic is easier to understand and use because of its highly intuitive user interface and setup wizard. All you need to do is enter the number, type the messages, and click the send button. 


However, do not let the software’s simple user interface deceive you. Under the hood, TextMagic has lots of excellent features such as sending bulk SMS, inserting templates, mail merge tags, sending attachments, and many more. Furthermore, you can import thousands of contacts into the database and manage them easily with its powerful control panel. Also, when required, you can share the list with your teammates.

Moreover, you can schedule your text messages for a specific time, monitor the delivery rate, manage your teams, and edit messaging and account settings all from one place. Additionally, TextMagic’s integration with Zapier gives you access to thousands of business apps to improve your business communication. When it comes to pricing, TextMagic is entirely pay-as-you-go. This means, you are not bound with any long term contract or subscription. Overall, TextMagic hits the sweet spot of being a joy to use and versatile enough to fulfill any business needs.     

2. SimpleTexting

Next on our list is SimpleTexting, an all-in-one text messaging service perfect for sending SMS marketing campaign information and engaging in one-on-one conversations with customers. While it comes with quality features, it’s the flexible pricing that makes it an enticing option for businesses of all sizes. Just like TextMagic, Simple Texting also offers an easy-to-use app interface where you can easily access all the features. Its two-way messaging option helps you improve customer satisfaction, resolve conversations, and close deals efficiently.


This text message marketing service also helps you reach more people and build an audience with engaged subscribers. You will also love the Mass Texting feature, where you can send bulk texts or alerts to everyone on your contact list. Another notable feature of Simple Texting is the Analytics tab, which offers a detailed breakdown of how your campaign is performing to minimize the guesswork. Since it offers a wide range of pricing options that fit everyone, the service is ideal for businesses of various sizes.     

3. EZTexting

EZTexting is yet another SMS marketing app that works as a typical SMS marketing service offering common utilities. For example, you can deploy texts to an individual or a large group, grow your contact list with friendly SMS list growth tools, view reports in the Reporting tab, and such. But what makes EZTexting stand out from the rest is how it guides the users to the whole process. The app makes it very clear what to do at every step. It has the best onboarding process around, and you will find it helpful how it shows you some helpful hints every time you go to a new tab or feature.


Furthermore, it also has a rich Media Library powered by Shutterstock to create and edit engaging images for your MMS text campaigns. Another interesting feature is its exceptional Integration and API support. You can seamlessly connect it with thousands of popular apps to improve your connection. In short, EZTexting simplifies a complex process and makes it highly accessible. But, at the same time, it’s as powerful as any others on this list. 

4. Twilio

Unlike other SMS marketing services on this list, Twilio is a blank canvas. You have all the freedom to configure it the way you want. This SMS marketing software offers a wide range of APIs so that companies can easily make and receive phone calls, text messages, and dozens of other features. It also allows developers to seamlessly integrate various communication methods into their own apps or systems to streamline the whole project.


However, if you are not a developer and still want to use it, there are enough no-code features that anyone with some basic computer knowledge can get by. For example, Studio is an easy-to-use drag and drop builder where you can easily set up things like SMS surveys and Auto Responses. Besides, instead of building your own app, you can integrate with tons of third-party applications like Whatsapp, Sentry, Zendesk, and many more. Overall, developers with coding knowledge will get the most out of this platform. Therefore, Twilio is best for businesses that want customization above anything else.

 5. Salesmsg

Salesmsg is highly regarded for providing scalable and straightforward promotional text messages for companies across industries. This cloud-based platform allows you to manage all your messages and campaigns from a responsive web interface. There’s also a mobile app so you and your team can stay connected while on the go. Additionally, Salesmsg supports call forwarding- you will never miss an important call from your potential client. Other features include Local and Toll-free numbers, Merge Fields, Shared Inbox, Calendar integrations, etc.


Their newly added features, such as Video SMS, PDF Attachments, Call Recording, Call History, and Analytics, are some of the most innovative additions to the SMS marketing technology. The pricing of Salesmsg is simple, scalable, and transparent. Moreover, it’s backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can test it free for 14 days. Unfortunately, their service isn’t available outside the USA and Canada. 

Wrapping Up

With continuous advancement of technology, SMS marketing services are becoming more sophisticated everyday. The services are now more automated, controllable, convenient, trackable, and affordable. With the right SMS marketing service, you can not only execute an excellent and creative campaign, you can also experiment with the element to further improve it. Now it is your time to pick the most suitable one for your business and start planning.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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