Best Live Chat Software for Small Businesses in 2022

Best Live Chat Software For Small Business

Small businesses who leave their customers waiting can lose them to their competitors and damage their brand reputation. Hence, customer service has become an essential part of any business. But, with the best live chat software, companies can talk to their customers in real-time, set automatic replies for repetitive questions and gather information about website visitors to turn them into customers. That’s why, in this article, we will show you five of the best live chat software that’s perfect for growing your small businesses.

5 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business

1. Livechat

Finally, at number one, we will have a look at Livechat. As the name suggests, it’s another live chat software that’s overall the best in this roundup because of its simplicity, contextual tags, communication features and lots of helpful integration. With this software, you can send messages that are more personal and appealing than plain text messages. For example, you can send a text message followed by some buttons. It’s useful when you want to build a clickable response for your customer without typing. Not just that, you can also use predefined quick replies, Cards containing an image, title or description, which is perfect for product recommendations.


You can also send files, screenshots, offers and catalogs to support your customer. But it doesn’t stop here; it provides a real-time list of your website visitors to turn them into a customer. Finally, this software integrates easily with more than 200 tools and offers affordable plans for small businesses. Considering all, Livechat is the best one that can delight customers and fuel the sales of any small business.

2. Zendesk

Give your customers the best support with Zendesk, designed to deliver quick customer service to capture more leads. With this live chat software, you can initiate customer behavior-driven chats, get their ratings for the chat experience, analyze all the conversations and plenty more. Not just that, it also boasts a powerful chatbot function to answer the most frequently asked questions automatically. This is great when you want to reduce your overall workload out of working hours. Plus, you can customize its appearance to ensure it’s perfectly matched with your business and website’s branding.


When it comes to integration, it seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Squarespace and more. Moreover, it can deliver a detailed list of your site visitors with the items and pages they browsed, helping you gain more insights into your customer. Lastly, Zendesk pricing is based on service and sales, which are well adapted to the needs of fast-growing businesses.

3. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is an all-in-one live chat solution that provides the best in-time service to the customer with a wide array of features, including Real-time chat, Ticketing, Time tracking and more. his software lets you create unique chat buttons that you can easily place anywhere on your website. After that, you can use it to chat with your customer in real-time or create canned responses to answer their frequently asked question. It also has a helpful Chats overview which gives you detailed information like where your customers are geographically located, what page of your site they are visiting and how long they are spending on each page.


Other features include Universal Inbox, Hybrid ticket stream, built-in CRM, Tags and more. LiveAgent also integrates seamlessly with more than 40 third-party applications to save your valuable time by less clicking and logging.

4. Chatbot

Next, we will talk about Chatbot, which we think is the future of live chat software as it offers 24/7 continuous engagement with your customer. Along with that, it uses the power of AI to boost customer engagement and satisfaction, much needed for small businesses. It comes with an intuitive visual chat builder where you can quickly and efficiently set up your chatbot without requiring any coding. Aside from that, this software helps your team come together in one place to share their expertise from different fields, creating the perfect customer interactions.


On top of that, you can integrate it with your favorite software tools like Messenger, Mailchimp, Zapier, Slack and more to supercharge your workflows. Simply put, with Chatbot, you can please your customer at each step of their buying journey.

5. Olark

Let’s start with Olark first, a popular live chat software with a simple and intuitive user interface that helps businesses engage with customers in real-time. Its user-friendly system lets you quickly add to your site without any problem. It also offers you tons of customization to modify the chatbox according to the theme of your website. With this software, you can provide immediate support to your customer. But, at the same time, you can also gain detailed information about them to make a better business decision. You can also connect it with tons of your favorite software, including WordPress, Hubspot, Salesforce and more.


Another thing to love about this live chat software is it offers all the core features regardless of the plan size. Besides that, it also allows for a free trial. Overall, Olark is loaded with solid features and integrations needed for commercial success and customer satisfaction. 

Final Say

So, that was all about the best live chat software that’s perfect for small businesses. Many companies are opting for Live Chat Software because of its ease of use and great range of features. Hopefully, now you’re well informed about the Live Chat Software and how it can benefit small businesses. 

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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