Beatbot AquaSense Pro: The Smartest Pool Cleaning Robot Yet

Beatbot AquaSense Pro

The summer pool season will be here before you know it! If you’re like me, you love swimming laps or just floating in the soothing water but could do without the hassle of cleaning and maintaining a pool. 

Luckily, pool-cleaning robots have gotten really good over the past few years. And the new Beatbot AquaSense Pro just might be the best and smartest robot pool cleaner on the market today.

Why Get a Pool Cleaning Robot?

First off – why even get a pool robot in the first place? 

Well, cleaning a pool manually is hard work! You have to scrub the walls, vacuum the floor, skim the surface, and add clarifying chemicals by hand. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep a pool sparkling clean.

With a pool-cleaning robot, it does all that tough work for you! Just drop it in the water and let it go to town. Pool robots use brushes and filters to pick up leaves, dirt, bugs, and other gunk. 

No more hassling with vacuums, nets, or scrub brushes yourself.

Meet the Beatbot AquaSense Pro

The Beatbot AquaSense Pro is one of a new generation of smart pool cleaners. This high-tech robot utilizes Beatbot’s patented CleverNav™ Smart Navigation System, which employs advanced multi-sensor fusion for precise pool mapping and optimized path planning, ensuring comprehensive cleaning coverage.

Previous pool bots moved around randomly and often missed spots. But the AquaSense Pro is different – it’s actually intelligent!

Beatbot AquaSense Pro Key Features

5-in-1 CleaningCleans floor, walls, waterline, surface, and clarifies water
Intelligent Navigation20 sensors for full coverage cleaning paths
Powerful Cleaning9-motor system and quad brushes
Smart ControlsApp and automated parking and charging
CordlessRechargeable battery for up to 9.5 hours run time
Dual FiltrationTraps debris and particles down to 150 microns
Pool MappingScans and maps obstacles
Obstacle AvoidanceDetects and steers around objects and walls
Waterline ScrubbingCleans grimy buildup at the water’s edge
Surface SkimmingRemoves floating leaves and debris
Water ClarifyingOptionally dispenses cleaning agents

It Has a Brain!

So what makes the AquaSense Pro so smart? It has something called the Beatbot OS operating system. This is basically the robot’s “brain.”

The Beatbot OS uses a powerful onboard computer chip with advanced memory and 20 sensors. These help it “see” and understand the pool environment.

It has sonar sensors to detect obstacles, measure distances and recognize edges. It also has 2 IMU sensors and 2 ultrasonic sensors. The IMU sensors detect orientation, while the ultrasonic sensors use sound waves to measure.

Mapping and Planning

Then it plans the most efficient cleaning path to cover 100% of the pool floor, walls, and waterline. The robot memorizes where it’s already cleaned so it doesn’t go over the same spots repeatedly.

This intelligent navigation prevents missed areas and wasted time like with older random-path robots.

5-In-1 Cleaning

Another great innovation is the AquaSense Pro’s 5-in-1 cleaning ability. Most other robots just vacuum the floor and sometimes walls.

But this robot can clean the floor, walls, waterline, surface, AND clarify the water too:

  • Floor – Vacuums up leaves, dirt, bugs, and silt from the pool floor
  • Walls – Scrubs off grimy buildup on pool walls and in corners
  • Waterline – Cleans away oily deposits right at the water’s edge
  • Surface – Skims floating leaves and bugs off the top of the water
  • Clarify – Releases cleaning agents to remove cloudiness and improve water quality

No other pool robot can tackle so many cleaning tasks in one go. The AquaSense Pro offers complete cleaning coverage.

Powerful 9-Motor System

With great cleaning ability comes great motor responsibility!

The AquaSense Pro has an industry-first 9-motor system called NonaDriveTM. This gives it lots of power to handle tough cleaning challenges.

  • Main pump motor – Creates strong suction flow
  • 2 Drive motors – Steers the robot’s movements
  • 2 Floating chamber motors – Move up and down
  • 2 Surface propellers – Spin to skim the surface
  • Step motor – Controls the front debris gate
  • Clarifier Pump motor – Distributes clarifying agents

Plus the robot has not just two, but FOUR built-in brushes to really scour surfaces. Dual filters trap gunk and debris down to tiny 150 microns in size.

Intelligent Features

In addition to its smart navigation, the AquaSense Pro has other thoughtful features:

  • App Control – Monitor cleaning, change modes, view pool map
  • Multiple Modes – Quick, Standard, Pro, ECO, Custom (OTA) options
  • Automatic Parking – Auto return and surface parking for easy retrieval
  • OTA Updates – Can get smarter via wireless software updates

So it has both the hardware power and intelligence to get your pool cleaner than ever before!

Cuts the Cord

Another benefit of the AquaSense Pro is that it’s 100% cordless. Traditional automatic pool cleaners have a long hose and cable that easily tangles.

The AquaSense Pro runs on an onboard rechargeable battery. It has enough juice for up to 9 hours of cleaning.

When it needs more power, you can easily return it to the included charging dock. No wrestling with cords required!

Beatbot App Controls

The AquaSense Pro connects via WiFi to the Beatbot app on your smartphone or tablet.

The app lets you:

  • Select cleaning modes
  • Monitor cleaning time and pool coverage
  • View generated pool map
  • Get notifications
  • Access cleaning history and stats

So you can control scheduled cleanings and check performance right from your device. Pretty neat!

How Much Does It Cost?

Alright, this does sound like an amazing smart pool robot. But tech like these costs a pretty penny…

The regular retail price for the Beatbot AquaSense Pro is $2,199. Yes, that’s quite an investment!

However, starting from March 20 to April 10, 2024, customers in the US and Canada can enjoy a limited time offer with a significant discount of $200 off both the Beatbot AquaSense Pro and Beatbot AquaSense on Beatbot’s official website and Amazon store.

For that price, you’re paying for a premium product. This is the most advanced and feature-packed pool-cleaning robot on the market. It’s the only one with intelligent navigation, full surface-to-floor cleaning, app controls, and more.

Over time, the AquaSense Pro will save you hours of manual scrubbing and vacuuming. Its comprehensive cleaning coverage will keep your pool sparkling all season long.

For serious pool owners who want maximum convenience, it’s hard to beat this smart robot.

AquaSense Pro: The Pros and What’s Next

Moving forward, let’s explore the exciting features we anticipate in the next generation of AquaSense Pro.

What I Liked Most

  • Complete floor-to-surface cleaning
  • Intelligent navigation
  • Powerful motor system
  • Cordless convenience
  • Dual filtration
  • App controls

What We Look Forward to in the Next Generation

  • Lower price point
  • Even more intelligent mapping
  • Enhanced app functionality
  • Smoother surface cleaning
  • Wider accessory ecosystem
  • More smart home integrations

An Easier Pool Season Awaits

Who’s ready to kick back poolside this summer while your Beatbot AquaSense Pro does all the dirty work? This little robot helper takes the hassle out of pool maintenance so you can enjoy more swim time.

With onboard intelligence, unmatched cleaning abilities, cordless convenience, and handy app controls, the AquaSense Pro aims to be the only pool-cleaning robot you’ll ever need.

The price is steep, but can you put a cost on relaxation? Let the AquaSense Pro handle the scrubbing so you can have the cleanest, clearest pool on the block with minimal effort. Just imagine how blissful your pool days will be this summer!

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