Are Ring Floodlight Security Cameras Wireless? (Yes, But Also NO!)

Are Ring Floodlight Security Cameras Wireless

Lots of homeowners want to install security cameras around their property for extra safety and security. One popular option is the Ring Floodlight Camera. But many wonders – are Ring Floodlight cameras wireless?

No, Ring Floodlight Cameras are not wireless. While it transmits video wirelessly via Wi-Fi, it requires wired power connectivity from an electrical junction box to power the bright floodlights and camera.

Why Ring Floodlight Cams Need to Be Wired?

The key reason Ring Floodlight Cams need to be wired is that powerful floodlights use a lot of electricity. Wireless cameras that run on batteries would drain very quickly trying to power such bright lights.

Additionally, a wired connection provides continuous, uninterrupted power. This ensures the camera is always on and ready to detect motion. A wireless camera powered by batteries would eventually go dead after several hours without recharging.

So for the lights and constant power, Ring Floodlight Cams connect directly to your home’s electrical wiring. But the camera still uses WiFi to transmit video and alerts – so there is a wireless aspect too!

Installation Process

Installing a Ring Floodlight Cam requires wiring it to an outdoor electrical junction box:

  1. Turn off power to the junction box
  2. Mount the camera onto the box
  3. Connect the camera’s wires to the junction box wires
  4. Turn the power back on
  5. Connect the camera to your home WiFi

This wired power installation provides continuous, reliable power to run bright floodlights and security cameras.

Some key things to know:

  • Handling electrical wires can be dangerous – consider hiring an electrician if uncomfortable
  • The camera needs a strong WiFi signal for best performance
  • The wired power connection enables consistent performance without batteries

Other Wireless Options

If you don’t want to install wiring, Ring does offer wireless battery-powered cameras:

However, these won’t be as bright as the Floodlight Cam. Another option is the Ring Smart Lighting kit. This provides bright wireless floodlights powered by a battery or solar panel. But there is no camera included.

So in summary, the flagship Ring Floodlight Camera requires a wired junction box installation. This powers the ultra-bright lights and ensures reliable, uninterrupted power to the security camera. 

But Ring does offer wireless options if you want to avoid wiring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Gauge Wire for Ring Floodlight Cam?

The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus is hardwired with 100–240 VAC wiring and uses between 0.1 and 0.218 amps. I recommend using 14-gauge or 12-gauge wire for the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus installation. Thicker wire allows sufficient power delivery to the bright floodlights. Check the official Ring installation manual for the latest wiring guidelines.

Does Ring Floodlight Work Without Wi-Fi?

No, the Ring Floodlight Cam requires a WiFi connection to function properly. The light schedule and motion alerts need the WiFi connection to work. The lights may turn on briefly without WiFi, but connectivity is required for full functionality.

Does Ring Floodlight Cam Have Battery Backup?

The wired Ring Floodlight Cams do not have battery backup. But Ring does offer a battery-powered Floodlight Cam model that can serve as a wireless, battery backup option. It runs on rechargeable or alkaline batteries. A battery backup lets the camera keep working during a power outage.

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