Apple Watch 7 Leaks, Price, and Possible Release Date


Apple has debuted a new smartwatch every year since 2015 and in 2020, it actually released two, so we’re confident an Apple Watch Series 7 is in the pipeline. It could be accompanied by a new version, too, much like the Apple Watch SE released alongside the Apple Watch Series 6. But what will be the difference? And which features are on our wishlist? Here’s everything we know about the Apple Watch 7 so far.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with a good track record for Apple information, has suggested that we’ll see a newly designed Apple Watch this time Apple has been using the same square design since its first watch release, so there’s a high possibility of redesigning the watch. Moreover, conventional watches, in most cases have a circular shape and get more space inside the watch to place necessary components. Hence, Apple might also transform their shape into a circular form so that they can have more space for their components.

Another report by 9to5Mac suggests that in the second half of 2021 is more likely for the watch 7 to get launched and as Apple might have a lunch event during September, we eagerly hope the watch launches are hoping for the watch to get launched on that event.

A patent by Apple Insider shows a smartwatch design that includes a phased antenna array, which uses existing Apple Watch components for spreading communication more conveniently. The patent also indicates that the display of the Apple Watch 7 might serve as an antenna for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, cellular frequencies without the need for any external bulky antenna structures.

Apple Watch 7 might also feature a glucometer that is used to monitoring blood sugar levels. But to determine the sugar level in your blood, at least a drop of blood is required. However, Apple might use a non-invasive optical sensor combining with the Raman spectroscopy method to measure the blood sugar level. If that really happens, the Apple Watch is going to be very useful amongst people with diabetes who need to keep a constant eye on their blood sugar. Many other people with various other conditions could find it useful too.

As it is certain that Apple Watch 7 is soon to be launched, we want some improvements in watch and features as well. The Apple Watch 6 takes almost 2 hours to get fully charged and in some cases, it seems very time-consuming. Moreover, it does not offer even a full day of battery life. So, we would hope Apple to work on its battery capacity and make it more efficient so that we can have better battery life and stay less worried about charging the watch too often.

Though the previous predecessors of the Apple watch support wireless charging, you have to charge them only through the Apple compatible chargers. Many smartwatches nowadays come up with Qi-charging compatibility which means you can charge them with any wireless charger and also from devices that support reverse wireless charging. We want Apple watches to feature Qi-charging compatibility in their upcoming watch so that we can charge them more conveniently.

Apple watches always had a high price tag and even their lowest variant features a higher price tag than many other watches available in the market. Hence, users are expecting to avail the feature of So it would be highly expected to feature a lower starting price for the Apple Watch 7. Without a doubt, it is too early to make any assumptions about the upcoming Apple Watch 7. However, we are just as thrilled as you to discuss what Apple has to offer for its next wearable.

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