Anker PowerConf vs Yealink CP900: Best Speakerphone for Conference Call

In the world of accessories, Anker has been dominating for quite a while now. They also have a reputation for being very budget-friendly. Yealink, on the other hand, is also known for making similar products in a budget-friendly manner. Hence, choosing between them is not an easy thing to do, considering they provide similar performance in terms of hardware, connectivity, and portability. So, in this article, we will be comparing the Yealink CP900 and Anker PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphones. That way, you will know which of the two you should consider getting. Thus, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Yealink CP900 vs Anker PowerConf Speakerphone

Design and Weight

Let’s start with their design and how they feel in hand. Both the Yealink CP900 and the Anker PowerConf have a compact and easy-to-carry design. In terms of weight, the Anker PowerConf weighs about 12 ounces. The Yealink CP900, on the other hand, is a bit on the heavier side as it weighs more than the PowerConf, standing at 17.44 ounces. Both of these speakerphones are smooth to the touch. The Anker PowerConf has a soft-square shape, whereas the Yealink CP900 has a flat-spherical shape. Both of these speakerphones have their audio output on the top. The Anker Bluetooth speaker feels light and sturdy at the same time and has a precision drilled aluminum plate and a polycarbonate plastic base. The Yealink CP900 shares a similar design with a small dome on top of the speakerphone and a plastic-y bottom. Both of these speakerphones have a touch panel where there are multiple icons present. The Yealink CP900 has a dedicated “Microsoft Teams” button since it’s optimized, certified, and tailor-made to work with the app. The Anker speakerphone has two separate buttons for power and Bluetooth, whereas the Yealink is completely button-free, relying only on smart touch panels.

Anker PowerConf VS Yealink CP900 2

Specs and Specialties

Both the Anker Bluetooth speakerphone and the Yealink CP900 speakerphone can capture audio with a coverage of 360 degrees. This means both of these speakerphones excel at picking up voice from any direction or angle and have the ability to transform your home or office into a meeting room instantly. One of the other similarities of both of these speakerphones is the glowing LEDs on top, which indicate its functions. The LED light can signal what volume level your device is in or if it’s powered up or not. The Yealink CP900 also features a flashing light that indicates notifications from unanswered calls, unheard voicemails, or acts as a reminder of an upcoming meeting from the dedicated Microsoft Teams app. Both of these speakerphones feature full-duplex technology, which means they transmit and receive audio over one channel simultaneously.

Noise Canceling Feature

The Yealink CP900 comes with 6-beamforming directional microphones which are positioned around its base. Positioning them all around the base gives it the ability to capture audio from a 360-degree angle, ensuring no voice is left unheard. The Anker Bluetooth Speakerphone uses similar technology. They also feature a “Smart Voice Enhancement” technology which uses a custom DSP algorithm. The algorithm helps to optimize your voice in real-time and at the same time effectively reduces background noise. Voice optimization works by balancing the volume between your voice and the environment and making up for the differences in volume and the physical distance of the speaker.

Anker PowerConf

The Yealink CP900 also has an ambient noise-canceling feature, but after using it extensively, we have concluded that the ambient feature could use a few improvements. The Anker speakerphone reduces and almost cancels the background noise, which lets your speaker focus only on your voice. In addition to that, it also has a voice-balancing technology, which balances out the volume of multiple voices to ensure no one sounds too close or too far away.

Audio Quality

In terms of the audio quality, both the speakerphones excel in delivering clear and crisp audio when used as a medium to project voices. We exclusively mention voices because you might be tempted to use these speakerphones as portable wireless Bluetooth speakers. Yes, in theory, it does the job and ticks all the boxes which certify it as loud enough to be used as a speakerphone but lack the bass. This is not something to be surprised or disappointed at, considering these weren’t built for enjoying music, but to work with voices, a field in which both of these speakers excel.


When talking about the battery life, the Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speaker houses a built-in 6700mAh battery which gives you the ability to hold meetings or attend online classes virtually anywhere. It also comes integrated with Anker PowerIQ technology, which allows you to charge other devices through it and effectively use the speakerphone as a power bank. With a single charge, you can use this speakerphone for up to 24 hours. On the other hand, the Yealink CP900 has a 2450 mAh battery which can last up to 12 hours and takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge itself.

Ending Thoughts

So in conclusion, considering all the pros and cons for both of the speakerphones, we would undoubtedly go for the Anker Bluetooth speakerphone as it boasts a solid battery life which makes it last long AND gives it the ability to be used as a power bank. It also comes with a better noise-cancellation and voice-acquisition technology at a comparatively affordable price tag. However, if you’re serious about beamforming directional microphones and have some extra cash to spend, we’d recommend getting the Yealink CP900.

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