Top 5 Free Android Emulators for Windows PC

Free Android Emulators for Windows PC

There could be many reasons why you would wanna try Android Emulators on your PC. Maybe you are an app developer and need to test an app before shipping it. Or, you might be a PC gamer who wants to try mobile games with a mouse and keyboard for fun. Whatever the reasons, Android emulation on PC is now a lot better and easier than before. In this article, we will show you five of the best and completely free Android emulators that you can try on your Windows PC.

1. BlueStacks

For the number one spot, we have BlueStacks, and honestly, it doesn’t need an introduction. It’s the most used and well-known Android emulator on the market. So it’s no wonder why giant companies like Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, and others have invested in this. One of the things to love about BlueStacks is its ease of use. Everything is well laid out, and you have full access to Google Play Store. Even if that’s not enough, you can install third-party APKs right from here. Besides, it lets you configure your game controls and program macros to automate tedious tasks in-game. Other than that, you can take screenshots and set up multiple instances to play two or more games simultaneously. Additionally, in the settings menu, you can tweak the performance like CPU and Memory allocation, Frame Rates, Display resolution, and many other settings to enhance the experience.


Lastly, the most recent version of Bluestacks addresses all the major problems of its previous versions. It’s now lightweight and delivers the fastest performance even on lower-end hardware. Not just that, with certified GDPR, it’s also the safest emulator out there. So, hurry and try it now to go on an epic quest and have endless fun with the top RPG and Strategy mobile games.

2. NoxPlayer

Coming at number two, we have NoxPlayer, which comes with powerful Android 9 and offers superior gaming performance. You also have access to Google Play, meaning you can download just about anything on your Windows computer. We also love that it placed all the most used buttons on the right side of your screen. Here you can easily configure your keymapping, install APKs, and many more. But the most standout feature for us is the ability to take screenshots and record your screen. This way, you can capture your epic streaks and show them to your friends or audiences. It also lets you run Multi-instance simultaneously to play more games and drag and drop any files from our computer.


All in all, we really liked the NoxPlayer. Its user interface is clean and has heaps of unique and helpful gaming features that we highly recommend you to try.

3. GameLoop

Formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy, Gameloop is yet another Android emulator primarily intended for gaming. In fact, it was developed by Tencent, who also happens to be the developer of Call of Duty mobile and PUBG mobile. With this emulator, you can easily customize your keys for a thrilling FPS experience. Plus, its self-developed AOW Game Engine provides high performance in the most demanding mobile games. However, unlike other emulators in this list, it doesn’t give you access to Google Play Store. Therefore, it’s not great for developmental testing or everyday productivity. But if gaming is your only priority, you will be more than happy with its massive game library.


To conclude, GameLoop isn’t the right platform for using office and business mobile apps. Instead, it serves best when looking for easy access to all the major Android games on your Windows computer. 

4. LD Player

Next on our list is LD Player; we love it because it’s pretty lightweight and has excellent gaming performance. Besides that, it has all the usual gaming features like keyboard mapping controls, macros, better graphical support, and so on. But the feature that stands out the most is the Multi-Instance support which lets you open several games and apps simultaneously. This is also one of the few emulators that get frequent upgrades to improve compatibility issues. For example, its latest version has optimized the Free Fire and Mobile Legends to deliver a much smoother gaming experience. Apart from games, this Android emulator is also well optimized for popular social apps like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and others. 

LD Player

In short, LD Player is a great all-rounder that’s excellent for running your favorite mobile games and social media apps right into your desktop computer.

5. MEmu Play

First on our list is the Memu player, and although it’s newer to the Android emulators, it managed to make quite a name for itself. Primarily because of its gaming-oriented features and functionality. One of the biggest advantages of this Android emulator is that it supports both AMD and Intel chipsets. So no matter which platform you are on, you are sure to have the best possible experience. During our tests, we noticed minimum lags with the most demanding mobile games like PUBG, COD, and Genshin Impact. And, thanks to its OpenGL and DirectX 3D rendering effects, the visuals were stunning too. Moreover, its built-in Key Mapping is convenient and straightforward to use. As a result, you can perfect your mouse and keyboard controls without facing any problems. App installation is also relatively easy. You can install APKs via the Play Store or simply drag them onto the program window.

MEmu Play

Overall, MEmu Play offers an easy way to enjoy your favorite mobile games on your big screen PC with great controls and performance.

Final Thoughts

So that was all about the free Android emulator for Windows PC. If you are planning to experience an emulator free of cost, go with one from the list without any doubt. Hope you find this content insightful. Visit our website regularly for more informative contents like this.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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