Is it Necessary to Have an A12 Bionic on the Apple 4K TV?

Apple-tv a12 bionic

Apple unveiled the latest version of Apple TV 4K in their spring-loaded event along with a redesigned iMAC, airtags, ipad air and many more! This next-generation TV comes with a powerful bionic processor, higher visual quality, and a redesigned Siri Remote for more convenience. With this new processor, the TV is getting a massive performance upgrade as the A12 Bionic boosts graphics performance, video decoding, and audio processing.

Apple 4K TV is now packed with the enhanced A12 Bionic Processor so that you can have an immersive visual experience with overall improved graphics. It can upscale and code 1080p, standard-dynamic-range content for 4K HDR displays. This new 4K TV also supports high frame rate HDR and Dolby Vision video, so you will be enjoying fast-moving action scenes at 60 frames per second. Apple has been pushing its Arcade gaming subscription service for quite some time and with this new processor, playing games on your TV will be more lifelike and engaging. So you will have a smoother gaming experience with minimal lag.

The Apple 4K TV comes with a high frame rate in AirPlay, so whatever you shoot with your iPhone 12 can be displayed with a full 4K resolution. To improve the visual quality of the Apple TV, it offers a new color balance processing feature that allows you to calibrate the color tone of your TV with your iPhone 12 sensors. Using the obtained from your phone, Apple TV automatically tailors its video output to deliver much more accurate colors and improved contrast. This cool feature ensures you get the best color contrast ratio and industry-standard specifications used by cinematographers worldwide.

One of the most significant upgrades to the new Apple TV is the redesigned Siri remote. This device features a new touch-enabled clickpad control with five-way navigation. You can simply drag your finger around the click wheel to scrub through your playlist and videos like the iPod. Apple claims that it delivers better accuracy when browsing content on tvOS. In addition to all of these, there’s a separate power button for switching your tv on and off, a separate button for mute, and Apple moved the Siri button to the side of the remote. This has made the remote more convenient to use.

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The previous Apple TV had an A10X chipset which is a system on a chip consisting of several components, including a CPU and GPU. This delivered an overall decent performance. But the smart TV market is growing a lot faster, and other brands have been coming up with new features every now and then. To cope up with this growing industry Apple had to refresh its processor that could provide greater performance and A12 Bionic is quite perfect for this purpose. So undoubtedly, offering a new processor with all these fantastic features has made the new Apple 4K TV one of the best in its class.

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